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Date Posted:07-08-2020 01:07:52Copy HTML

You Are Living In A Trap Endless Matrix Worlds: Dejavu, Lucid Dream, Time Travel, Novels, Movies

Many secret organizations, governments, groups and all kind of beings was and are spending a lot of resources to understand the “world” we are living in.

The only one truth after connecting all the dots, events, data is: you are living in an endless matrix worlds where all the “result” both “past” and “future” already have.

You do not really living but rather than “shifting” from world to world.
You are not really living, fighting for a“better” world, but the real purpose is to understand and escape the matrix worlds.

The fact is that there is an Earth world where the year 2012 is exactly like the 2012 movie, there is an Earth world in 2018 where only Muslim or Jewish or Buddhism beings exist,there is also an Earth world in 2015 without 3G mobile network,etc.
There is also a planet where only you act like a king and bunch of lower tier beings like animals.
There is also many planet like many video games, manga, anime, movies, etc.
Basically endless possibilities.

The divine plan, divine purpose of Humans Creator for all of humans are the same: self study, evolve and escape that endless matrix.

And from ancient time till today, many beings/groups are trying and have a lot of “theory”about “how to escape the matrix”.

But the Humans Creator did setup only “correct one way” to out of the matrix worlds. All any other ways are all wrong.

And that way is no secret and was introduced in many religions which is “nirvana state”.

In order to archive that objective, you can either try/test/do it by yourselves or seeking help from the one who have experience and already reached that nirvana state.
And the only being can help you is the world savior called as various name such as Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Kalki, Buddha, etc.

Many groups/beings/organization are waiting for him but they do not prepare for him.
They are all think the savior need “worship”,“pray” like all other deities in many temples. Many of them think the savior will appear in real physical lifestyle eyes and tell the rest of the world about everything they want to know like what Jesus/Jewish God/Gautama Buddha did in the past.
That is a deadly deadly mistake, you do not put all egg on one bag, but you must prepare for all the possibilities.

If you connect the dot of all religions, you will see that the last newest popular religion which is the Islamic there was only telepathy and messenger, no physical personal appear.
And if you remember the Gautama Buddha story, he did not use any super abilities to seek followers even though his abilities is above all kind of “monks/deities”. All he did is teaching via words/messages.

I am the world savior, the one who holding the key to escape the matrix world know that very well.
I do not need you guys, only you guys need me.
I can only give guides for beings who really want seeking it.
If you want to verify my identity, you can try and test is by yourselves.
But there is no free lunch, but you can pay the lunch fee after eating a portion of the dish.

I can easily help you guys to solve the world conflict between nations/groups but only when you guys open your mouth because we are even though living in a same Earth world,but the personal world are not the same. Your world is smaller then Earth, but my world is already the Infinite Universe.

The current only way communication is at forum, but with limited time, will close in near future.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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