Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:10-08-2020 02:12:09Copy HTML

Why I Am The Savior Legend Messiah Mahdi Buddha & Why You Must Listen To Me

Talk big is easy, you think so?
Then you no absolutely nothing about life !
Why don’t you declare yourselves as the savior Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Buddha, etc. to the world, just via online internet !

Everything in life is connecting with each others.
Whenever any beings declare his/her-self as the savior, all kind of different beings from all realms will observe, checking and testing.

The fake will vanish, the real will remain !

Do you know I have post many hundreds different articles talk about life, bashing all kind of governments/nations for over last 2-3 years.

Do you know that most nations are secretly managed by many higher advanced beings than normal mortal humans.

I have declared myself as The Savior Messiah Mahdi Buddha anyname, not just because I think so.
But I did received a great sign from heaven nearly 3 years ago.
Not only that, I have fully know and understand the secret of life, the secret of immortals, the secret of human body.

And that is the reasons keep me posting/sharing articles without receive any benefits, not a single donation button on many sites.

Have you ever wonder what is the purpose of living?
If you do not seeking for immortal life, all kind of wealth are meaningless when you are die.

Many of you will ask “prove” that fact.
I then asking you: following/listening to a out-of-nowhere beings who claim “know the immortal life” vs any groups/beings do not claim anything, which one will give you more chance to receive better result?

Life is all about life or dead !
Continue to “worship”, to “pray” other beings cannot lead you to immortal life.
But only improve your knowledge/wisdom can lead you to heaven.
The real knowledge and wisdom cannot be understood via language, because they are just raw words theory.
Only via personal experience you can know the secret of life, the secret of tao.

In the legendary Tao Te Ching book, the “tao” is the highest ranking above all kind “name” or in short are languages, numbers.

You must stop make a stupid bet and“following” any other secret organizations/groups, instead you must join me and listen to my words at forum

Only me able to withstand all kind of attack from all kind of beings from all realms.
Only me able to take full responsibility with the Earth administrators for all kind of policy apply to mortal humans.

Life is short if you still not archive immortal,so why don’t you just “gambling” with a random guy like me via the internet. Beside me, do you see any beings/groups have big talk like this ?!

Of course I am a real human but not a team or an AI computer.
Stop theory craft and take actions right now!

Only me can lead you to heaven because only me know the secret correct way!

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

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Re:Why I Am The Savior Legend Messiah Mahdi Buddha & Why You Must Listen To Me

Date Posted:01-09-2020 08:32:53Copy HTML

The corona virus NCOV is the real miracle indirectly caused by me. Most governments did take order from some kind of deities/super beings. The only person in "mortal human realm" have the perfect "public cure" is me. All the national governments are committing suicide by force law mandatory activities and using technology to track people. The big natural disaster will come very soon because of those actions. If you want to see magic, then go to India or China, there are a lot of master can show you what is a "true" human God look like with all kind of super abilities, but all the technology is off you can only observe via eye. I am only here to "help" those sleepy mortal human beings, especially those who in charged of many national government who do not know what to do next with human race. At the moment, they are only doing 2 jobs: - 1 is focus on "economy". - 2 is manage people to have a stable life. But the problem is they are overdone and did not give people enough room to grow. The miracle you will see in real life is the "public cure" for the corona virus NCOV, but you can have than only after national governments come to this forum and have direct communication with me. While you can try many advice to increase longevity health and beyond I have shared on this forum already. Do you see rich people in American give a damm fuk about what happening with people in China, North Korea, Bangladesh, etc. That's is similar to my position, I can only help those people when the authority in China, North Korea, etc. want me to help. Or the nature Earth will force them to do by causing chaos, which mostly likely will happen on Earth very soon. The NCOV is just the beginning. Have Fun !
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