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Date Posted:26-08-2020 12:48:17Copy HTML

What The Atheism Get Correct & Wrong About Religion, Life, Gods

As a being have fully pass the Earth Life game, I want to clarify and give some insight for those Atheism, some of your ideas was correct but some are not.

It is much easier to tell the result of the game when it go into the injuries additional bonus time.
Most of you are using the mindset of “modern era” and describe stuffs was created many many years ago, which is both good and bad.

You guys must understand the religions was created when humanity do not have any direction to go and do not know what to do next in life.
All the religion’s purpose was for education and give hope for the future.

Do you have to follow any religion?

Do you have worship, pray to Gods/God/Deities?
No if you do not need any help.
Yes if you want some help from them. Help here come out “unseen line field”.

Do the Gods/Deities exist in real life?
The answer is yes.
You believe it is no because you have not yet encounter it in real life or do not have logical thinking enough.
All the temples do not come out of nowhere without any significant help from super Gods/Deities.
If you want experience in real life, then the best way is go to Asia and verify by yourself.

Many of you have thought that “if Gods exist they would appear and defeat the evil”.
It is similar to the thought of “if the rich money people exist, they would come out and give all kind of free money for lazy poor people”.

Each beings have their own personal life personal world, if they do not receive any benefit they would never do anything, that is the way of life.

Everybody must need to live on their own and take self responsibility.

Religions do not cause war, only human cause war.

If the Atheism want to have the answer for anything they want to know, you can spend a lot of time do your own research or get quick answer from me the savior at forum, time limited to September15th 2020.

No any of you have yet see the final result of life, so do not blame religions, gods/deities.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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