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Date Posted:23-09-2020 04:05:18Copy HTML

Want To Solve The Climate Change Problem, You Must Know What Is & Why Climate Change Occur

If you want to have a correct solution for the climate change problem, you must know what is climate change and why it occur.
Without a correct understanding, you cannot have the most suitable solution for that problem.

The truth is that all what most governments and many organizations are doing is in fact destroy the environment, not saving them.

The climate change have occur for many million years on Earth.
Depend on what you thinking, but a normal storm or a "small" earthquake can be counted as climate change.

What Is And Why Climate Change?
Climate Change is in fact a healing process of Earth planet itself back to the original form.
It is always occur non-stop, but the "small" or "big" actions such as flooding, storm, typhoon, earthquake, volcano eruption, etc. is totally up to the situation just similar to various diseases in human body can cause headache, heart attack, pain, etc.

The purpose of climate change is to destroy/demolish non-organic matter and restore back to the organic state of life on Earth.

Humans with the blessing from the creator is must to understand and have correct solutions/actions, or they are doing to vanish just like many historic stories from various scripture. What I mean here is those mortal humans, not the fully immortal one, for the "punishment" is void to the Human-Godlike being.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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