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Date Posted:06-08-2020 01:17:05Copy HTML

Understanding Earth Map: Global Warming Climate Change Caused By Humans Stupid Activities

If you want to have a better understanding about natural weather event such as floods, earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption or global warming, climate, etc. you must know the basic Earth map.

The Earth map I am talking about is not the geopolitical map between nations, but the whole system relate to the Earth environment you are living in.

There are 3 layers on the Earth:
1. The Sky.
2. The Earth Land.
3. The Sea/Ocean.

The air, energy and organic chemical constantly go around from up to down to up by a perfect balance setup by the Earth Creator.

All the natural catastrophe only come when that balance is break, when at least 1layer have problem. And the problem is “blocking” the flow of the air/energy in that system.

From the ancient time till now, the problem is mostly usually the Earth Land.
All because of stupid, cannot control actions, activities from all kind of different beings.
I am not going to discuss the past history many thousands to millions years ago, but today I am talking about humanity only.

There are 3 major mistakes humans made which directly affect the environment:
1. Hunting wild animals.
2. Mining and using metals on the surface.
3.Create artificial chemicals/stuffs.

The problem is that they are using but cannot control it.
Do you know what the Earth System trying to do by flooding, storm, earth quake, volcano eruption?
The answer is melting and dissolve back those “stupid stuffs” that blocking the air/energy flow of life on Earth.

In Hindu, there is a teaching that “people should burn their personal stuffs when do not use anymore”.

How many years would take to dissolve back those stuffs if you only bury it to the land?
It is depend, from few days with organic foods to many thousand years with those plastic clothes, bag, chair, etc.

But the Earth System do not care, it only do whatever it take to balance the system.
That is why you have Global Warming, Climate Change!
The reason is not about producing too much CO2 to air.
The root reason is not to burn the “blocking” hard-to-dissolved unused stuffs back to the system.
But many nations are burying those unused stuffs instead of direct burning.

Wearing organic clothes vs plastic clothes vs go naked.
Stay in nature with bamboo house vs stay in concrete house in the city.
When you feel hottest, when you feel coldest, go ask yourselves !

This is not just personal theory craft, but I am using the sacred religion teaching made by Gods and real life result to explain it to you guys.

The current virus pandemic is the last warning from nature.
When you are trying to lift a heavy stuffs, if you do not stop, your hand will going to bleed.

The bleed here is very similar to a volcano eruption !

Humanity in 2020 can deal with floods, rain, storm but cannot able to deal with volcano eruption, you must remember that.

This is the best lesson about climate change global warming subject I can give you guys.
If you guys still cannot understand and waking up, then the natural disaster will come in the very near future.

You can reach me for any discussion at forum

Best Regard,
The Savior

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