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Date Posted:02-09-2020 02:58:26Copy HTML

Understand Humanity Life On Earth Through A Real Life Example

If you want to understand more about your life, the humanity like on Earth in 2020, then the most similar example is this:
- Planet Earth is similar to the region of China + Vietnam + North Korea + South Korea.
- The Universe is planet Earth.

Your life is locked in that restricted region.
You are being managed and control by your stupid government who only focus on 2 things: 1 is economy and 2 is security to keep their regime to stay alive.

But outside that region, that small Earth, there are the Universe and many other interesting planet like Europe, America, etc.
And your truly life purpose is get the hell out of that locked down region and able to move to other place of the Universe. But that seem a impossible task for your “controllers authority” do not know the existence of other places and/or want to.

Throughout history, there were a lot of dynasty regime change in those region, because of a same mistake: do not follow Divine Invisible Eternal Law of life, which is a also the eternal human body rights.

If the planet Earth is like a mother, then those authority is similar to a big brother sister and most of you like a younger child. But guess what when your big brother sister think they have the “right” and act like your parents and beat you up.

Hello to great anger from your mother Earth natural catastrophe disasters such as diseases, floods, earthquake, tsunami,volcano eruption.

That is exactly happening on Earth at the moment where the corona virus NCOV COVID19 is just the beginning of a super natural disaster series.

There are many ancient prophecies have predicted and give you a hope in the name of the World Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Buddha, etc.

But if you put him in a position like in America or Europe, and the current secret world government/authority in China, Vietnam, Korea.

They probably have known the calling from the savior but because of their ego, of their own stupid closed mind set, they won’t even listen or just have a chat with him because they do not dream big. They think the savior must come from inside their region and appear visit via person to them, how stupid how idiots !

Another secret corona virus message is that humanity is do not know what to do next, they have done everything “possible” which is only focus on economy and security stable regime.

The eternal human purpose is self discover the origin the source of life.
But all the current government, secret group do not know how to do, they are gambling with COVID with suicide action by forcing people do this do that, and indirectly jumping on to the hidden bombs of planet Earth.

As much as I want to save all of you, but I can only do that if you authority your government want to and willing to listen to me. Just similar to the USA Government blaming China, North Korea about “human rights”, they cannot do anything more rather than plain words, messages, they must need follow the law of free will.

That is the best possible I can do, which is raw plain words messages. I need to respect that divine law as well.

There are only 2 options for me the World Savior come to help:
- 1 is after natural disasters like super volcano eruption, earthquake, tsunami, bomb destruction, etc.
- 2 is happy ending when your authority listen to me right now before my deadline.

Is that normal for thunder to cause wild fire in California, USA, but not in Europe,Africa, Asia?
Is that normal for 60+ straight rain days with record floods in China near the Three Gorges Dam?
You have your own speculation guess.

There is no past, there is no future, there is only present moment.
The future shape by your actions your decisions, not via so called “prophecy”, “spiritual teacher”, “ritual performers”,etc.

The deadline from me is till only 15/09/2020 September 15th 2020, at forum
I have never directly called out words of monarchy, monarch, that is the first and last warning call and message to those people.
I am above all of those deities you never meet and faced in your life !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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