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Date Posted:01-06-2020 03:17:56Copy HTML

USA Has So Much Potential But They Do Not Have A Godlike Leader To Unlock It

It is too sad to see what happening in the United States Of America at the moment.
The USA with their big land and many people from all around the world, has a lot of room to grow but they do not know how to unlock that potential.

They are focusing on technical instead of mechanism, they focus on try to control, try to have “justice”, instead of let’s go with the flow of life.

All the laws, rules, and especially amendments are out-dated.
The amendments supposed to simple, straightforward and apply to all people.
But look at just the amendment number 27, it is designed only for a group of people, so it should never be even exist.

While there are no such thing as freedom of speech. You are still not allowed to say certain thing just  like many other nations in the world, just theory is not allowed, which is crazy.
They even allowed the world “racist”exist, if they really have freedom of speech then that word should never be allowed to exist, for you are free to say what you like and do not like.

Imagine if a state only allow black people, a state only allow white people, a state allow only yellow people, a state allow everyone, etc. Then life would be much more better in the USA.

But no, they put all people on the same cage like animals, and then the conflict between groups appear because some people like this, some people like that, you cannot force them live in only one rule, you must give them choice.

As a neutral player, I can only recommend the USA military/government wake up and seeking help from outsider to re-design their law & rules which respect “human rights” and “match” with the current“environment”. They must stop focusing on technology like what they are doing which is stupid and do not help.

If you think “god in the Bible” come out of nowhere and help them but not other nations, then they are the most dumbest beings on Earth.

And I am not surprise if super volcano Yellow Stone erupt within next 12 months if the current “rule & law”continue.

There is no such thing as free lunch !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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