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Two New Fair Global Financial System Can Easily Destroy Political Power Within All Nations

The end is here. Old game must stop, new game rule is coming.
If you want to see the miracle, then read this article.

The previous article I have talked about how to kick-off the global financial reset event, then this post it is about how to defeat the current financial structure and change the international financial system to the right direction.

What is the major flaws of the current economic financial system?
It is about how the money was “printed” and “distributed”.
Now all the money was created and controled only by the central banks and top government, it is 100%.
The money was distributed based on “gambling” and “feeling” rather than fairness. If it was correct then it is ultra correct, if it wrong then it is super wrong !
Who are those beings/entities decide? Just bunch of mortal humans so they always make mistakes.

If you want to defeat and change the current financial system for the better, fairer for all, then all you need is to focus on those major flaws & loophole.

So how to defeat?
All you need to do is set a fixed amount of % money distribution to the society to a fair amount.
Example: out of $100 dollar, how much each entities will receive:
- Top government: $50-60 dollar (50-60%).

- Local authority: $20-30 dollar (20-30%).
- Individual people group: $10-20 dollar (10-20%).
The number can be changed as the by each period of 50-60 years or more up to agreement.

The top government here is the current one who are decide 100% of how the money is distributed to the public.
The local authority here could mean the “state” or “district” government based on each nations.
The individual group here mean every single real organic human was born in that district/state/nation and must speak that local language fluently.

Global Financial System 1:

In order to join the system, all nations must put an fair amount of “land” or “assets” to the table which is at least 50% of other nations agree. You can call this as trust guarantee assets.

Minimum requirement: Nation must have at least 0.1% of the total world population.
Money type: only 1 type of currency.
Period: 60 years.

Maximum money printed cap per person: $1 million US Dollar or fixed amount of gold/silver/bronze value.

*You can print endless money but if any nations reached that cap, then you will out of the system and lost the “land” or “assets” you have put to the table.
Minimum base money rate: 1:1 on all nations. Or any rate but it must set at the start of the game.
The limit threshold will be 1:1000, which mean if any nation value drop 1000 times since the game start, then you are out of the game too.

Money distribution rule will be fixed: top government 50-60%, local authority 20-30%, individual people group 10-20%. (Apply on every single 100 dollar or so). The extract number will be decided by either coin toss or dice luck, all months are not the same number. The money paper designed must be agreed by the rest. The total money has printed to the society must be updated once every month.

The top government still have all ultimate rights about rule about how the money coming in and out, as long as tax, restrictions, etc.

In order to make the game more interesting, you can have some end period rule such as after every 60 years, the bottom 10 nations who have printed the most money to the public will be the losers and lost their entire trust guarantee assets on the table, and it will be taken by the top 10 nations or random distributed to the people.

Global Financial System 2:
All nations will allowed to join freely.
Money type: domestic and international currency.
Money distribution: domestic currency will decided by the authority, while the international currency will decide random factors and direct to the public people.
This system I have talked briefly before, so you can re-read those specific article again, I do not want to repeat and waste time here.

Beside those domestic and international money, you can have digital money currency and physical money. But that will be more complicated issues and I don’t think this civilization have yet ready.
It is about objective of what you want to archive with the new systems.
If you just want to end economy trade war, solve the climate change and migration problems then all you need is just 2 system above.

I do believe my idea and solution is well worth a lot of wealth, so you can send the donation to my cryptocurrency wallet bellow:




































I do not get paid for my works so I cannot spend much time and energy to write and tell you everything.
If you want to discuss more about this financial system subject, then you can find my communication contact at website or

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha

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