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Date Posted:20-01-2021 06:48:51Copy HTML

Truth About Game Of Life, The Difference Between Human Part Ascension vs Full Nirvana Evolution

If you treat the daily life like a video game, then how much you understand them.
Today as a smart gamer or the savior who have already pass this real life time, I will reveal to you some crazy secret about this game, to give you better idea of what you should do next in your life.

You are living in a matrix in the desert, in some locations it is very hot but some places very cold.
There are only 2 phrases in human ascension:
Phrase 1: Earn money
The purpose of this phrase is not really about making a lot of money, but it is about to understand that wealth/money is not everything in life. There is something much better than “making money”, which is a phrase 2, but at least 99.99% people do not realize this, they are chasing for money, gold, wealth till dead.

Phrase 2: Unlock human body and secret of life
This is the ultimate goal of all life form, which is fully understand the purpose of their exist, the secret life on Earth and in the whole Universe.
Many are misunderstand and think it is about spiritual awakening, power, energy.
If you want to pass this phrase 2, you must first not think about money/wealth, for they only have meaning in phrase 1.

If phrase 1 is more about socialist community then phrase 2 is more self discovery or you can call as capitalism.

You are allowed to spend all kind of money/wealth you have after phrase 1 to buy any learning material to help you pass phrase 2.

The difference between human part ascension vs full nirvana evolution
If you are new and have not yet read my articles, then you may not understand what I am talking about.
The truth is that there are 2 kind of ascension: 1 is portion part and 2 is full nirvana eternal evolution.

Portion Part Ascension
It is because you have not yet “forget” phrase 1, you still want money/wealth.
It is like you just discover balloon or airplane, and you think all you need to do next in order to fly above the Earth and head to the Universe is increase power/energy/speed.
That’s why a lot of beings/entities are struggling and making a lot of mistake in the real life game.

Full Nirvana Evolution
All you need is able to using a rocket, then you are set to go.
In order to have a rocket, you must stop using balloon/aircraft first, then spend time to do research and trying new stuffs.
In real life, you need a small “protocol”, if it work in a small place, then it will always work in larger place.
You have better chance to archive nirvana if you have less connection with the rest, just like you are not going with a lot of people in a rocket, but it most case it’s only you.

This is the best example to help you guys understand about portion ascension vs full nirvana ascension.

In summary, human life have 2 major phrases: 1 is making money to understand that wealth is not everything, there is a phrase 2 which is purpose of life of your existence. But in order to fully pass phrase 2 you must first forget phrase 1 about money/wealth.

You guys can believe in my words or continue listen to other “spiritual guru/expert” who have no clue about life, it is up to you.
I am trying to share just pure theory to convene you guys that I am the true savior Messiah Buddha.

After next few weeks, I will close all of my websites/blogs and online program.
You cannot teach stupid people for they have zero life experience, most of them are do not even do phrase 1 works, so they will never understand what I am talking about.

I just want to give opportunity for “poor people” who are thirsty for eternal life knowledge and wisdom.
But if they do not open their mindset, show their desire and willing to learn new stuffs, then there is nothing left I can you.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
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