Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:20-02-2021 08:59:22Copy HTML

Top Secret Controllers, Societies Do Not Know Eternal God So Cannot Find The Savior Messiah Buddha

What is the eternal God of creation, eternal the way Tao (in taoism)?
What is the character of the savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha, and how to find him/her?
I as the real savior Messiah Buddha will give you the correct answer, whether you can understand it or not is another question.
The big mistakes top secret controllers, secret societies are making is that they do not simply understand the eternal God.
The secret controllers here I mean those are the “Gods” and entities who are really control the shadow government in many nations, as long as the “referee” as well.
They only think the savior Messiah Buddha is a being with super power, super abilities just like in the movie “Journey In The West”.
They are so wrong because the savior Messiah Buddha is the one who fully understand the God of creation, the eternal Tao (in taoism).
They do not believe a mortal human with no super power or super abilities is “above level” them.
The eternal God of all creation has no image, no sound, is exist beyond any eye can see. (you can verify it in many sacred books)
It is a correct theory in mind.
But all those stupid secret controllers, societies are expecting a being with super power, super abilities for them to see in real eyes, which mean is not the real eternal God of creation.
If you need an explanation of why you guys are still struggle with level 3, 4 or 5 in “cultivate divine neutral energy”), then the answer is not lack of guide but the true is that you guys do not have the correct theory about the eternal God in your mind.
Some westerner people may not understand what I am talking about but the East will understand it.
Those groups are the one who secret helped small nations like China, Vietnam, North Korea win against the USA, France, Japan in physical weapon battle war.
The eternal power of any beings is correct theory about the eternal God, but not physical power, super abilities. The super power super abilities is just like the clothes.
If you need any “super power” to “unlock” or to “hold” anything such as door, gate, swords, then all you need to do is make a fair amount of donation to me, then make a request in detail of how you going to use, the timing, etc. Then all you need to do is use smartphone, open the conversation with me  and show that to that “legendary weapon/gate” before “make your action”.
Or if you have any connection with super natural beings and want to verify whether my real eternal God power is stronger than you guys (who have activated super abilities power), you can use that similar method.
Stop saying everybody can talk, all are just theory.
If you want to “gambling” your own life, I willing to “play” with you guys under the observe of a super power being such as Lord Shiva.
The truth of life, the truth of creation is that simple but hard to understand.
I share this information like a last warning for you guys to stop those stupid actions, the time of much more super powerful beings re-enter the game of life is comming very soon (less than 100 days from now). If any of you (the secret controllers) vanished by unknown reason, then you guys can only blame yourself.
Feel free to send this article to top secret controllers, secret societies for them to wake up before too late.
Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
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