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Date Posted:30-03-2020 04:29:22Copy HTML

Tokyo Olympic 2020 Will Still Happen In 2020 If The Japan Authority Listen To Me The Savior Messiah

The new corona virus NCOV is bringing danger but also opportunity as well.

If Tokyo Olympic 2020 cannot happen in the year 2020, you better cancel it or you must rename is as Olympic 2021 if you want to make it happen in 2021, but many billions Dollar/Euro/any currency will be lost.

I can tell you that if you listen to me, I can guarantee that the Tokyo Olympic 2020 will still happen before October, 2020. Not only that, I am also bringing a special gift which have much more “profit” than the Olympic.

Ask yourself a Football World Cup vs a Olympic, which one bring more “profit” for the nation.

If I was in charge of the Japan, I should do something like this:

Japan has spent many money & resources for the Tokyo Olympic but the corona virus NCOV is destroying it. We want to have a special Corona Virus Sports Event in August 2020 to show the world that Japan is strong, humanity is strong and do not fear of the Corona Virus. We would like to invite 128 national football teams (man) and 64 volleyball teams (woman) to join this special event. Match will be play in 60 minutes but high qualify high skill players (former retire player) with unlimited substitution players during the match, no advertising, all match will be broadcast free worldwide and a lot of other interest information.”

In this current stay at home situation, imagine you can have a special sports event like that, the “profit” will be countless.

As the savior, I am holding a cure & solution for the new corona virus as well, and it only take 30 days to release to the public.

So if the Japan want the “magic” happen and help from me the savior Messiah, you better wake up quick and have a direct communication as soon as possible. The detail at

Why don’t use the “potential loss money” to be played here.
You guys have nothing more to loss but a golden opportunity to have 2 global sports event in 2020 with countless profit.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Anyname

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