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Date Posted:05-07-2020 12:46:31Copy HTML

There Should Be A New International Personal Travel Passport To Give Everyone Equal Opportunity

In every nation, every community, there are always “good” and “bad” people.
The current global travel system base on what? Risk.
But the unfair problem is that, all national government decision base on “title” of the passport, but not base on each any individual travel history and “risk” factors.

Example: the United Kingdom allowed their history colony nations with very high risk in the Caribbean to free pass, why some nations with much lower risk is not allowed.

When is come to “risk” factor, it must be related history of overseas travel such as “sickness, diseases” and “crime, jail”. But look at all your passport, any page designed to write those things? Absolutely not !

So if you want to better, fair life for all, you should have a new international personal travel passport with unlimited expire dates just to track the history of everybody when they are overseas:
- Visit what foreign country for how many days.
- Sickness, disease.
- Crime, jail.

The entity who stamp/write those information on that new international travel passport is not the border guard but some neutral organization (with some local observers/officers).

Then each national government can decide and design their own new travel visa free pass based on points just like an video game. When you visit this nation for some about of days, you got certain amount of point, or you must have gold point(some certain nations) first in order to visit my country or you do not have any crime/jail or any kind of dangerous diseases when you are overseas.

If you want, you can require people deposit certain a mount of money first then refund it when they back home without any damage to your country.

It is very hard to implement from within each nations but you can request all foreign visitors to have that new travel passport to track.

So from now, each government will have more than 1 way to decide what people will allowed to have free pass for traveling, you can still able to use the old way but the additional new way will give every people equal chance & equal opportunity to travel freely.

Of course at the end of the day, it is all up to each nations, I am just give you something new to consider, something new everybody much more interesting life.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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