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Date Posted:10-07-2020 01:28:12Copy HTML

There Are Only 2 Different Types Of News Information In Life: Describe & Solution

If you want to have better life you should know what is really going on with all kind of news,information you are reading, watching everyday.

The truth is that there are only 2 types of news, information & actions in life: describe and solution.
This is a sacred teaching you cannot find in any schools.

What is exactly “describe” information, actions?
They are all mostly what you are seeing, watching everyday. And offer next to nothing in your daily life. They only told what happened in history such as crime, “bad or good” actions, behavior, result of events,etc.

And you are living in world of chaos with a lot of problems. From personal problem to global world problems.

What you are really need is “solution” news information just to give you better chance to solve the problems, not the stupid “describe” news.

But how many people know that basic fundamental knowledge, probably at least 99.99% of you do not know. Because you guys want to hear stupid entertainment news cannot help your own life instead of controversial crazy solution news but can make your life better.

The worst news is that not just the public people,but that include many governments as well.
They are listening to beings who able to tell their past history actions but cannot give the right solution with the right direction. They do not seeking for the solutions.

Event in term of solution, there are “working” and “not working” one.
And with nearly 8 billions people on the planet. The only perfect solution is give their choice out of endless potential working solutions. With some people $100 dollar mean nothing, but with some people $100 mean a lot especially in third world countries. That same rule apply to the solutions as well. With the immortal beings, all solutions are the same but with the mortal beings, some solution may work and some may not base on their believe.

As a real authentic savior legend, I have said that “the world do not need the Messiah, but only need the solution from him”.

I am the man of the present on Earth planet but with future knowledge from the ultimate World of Life.

Recently I am offering you guys solutions to solve the crazy problems are displayed on the media which is the North Korea, Iran.

If you guys do not wake up and seeking for any type of solutions, then the problems cannot go away  until the big natural catastrophe come to destroy all ! Because if there is working solution come from current government officer/secret organizations, then it must be appeared and be used already.

Another option is to have a competition or big rewards for whoever come up with working solution to solve the problem.

At the end of the day, you cannot solve the problem with “describe” news information & actions. You must wake up and know that truth, and the only way to have a better life is to listening & watching “solution” news information.
And what is “describe” and “solution” news, you should learn by yourself !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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