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Date Posted:08-12-2020 08:44:10Copy HTML

The Zimbabwe ZWR Holders Will Get Their Blessing Within Next 90 Days

The next new lunar new year is coming, do you know what is the animal icon?
The Buffalo Cow.

Look at your Zim bank note you guys are holding in hand, what is the animal there?


I am not surprise if you guys can able to exchange your Zim bank note for either fiat or cryptocurrencies !

There could be some secret or public company will have some fun and do it to may be celebrate the lunar new year.

So you guys must pay attention for that, any type of event where you guys can exchange your historic Zimbabwe Bank note for anything is must be considered because there could be some "trap" too.

Because positive always go with negative.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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Re:The Zimbabwe ZWR Holders Will Get Their Blessing Within Next 90 Days

Date Posted:10-12-2020 05:05:24Copy HTML

There are some scenarios: - With new cryptocurrencies - where number zero after . will be less than 8 zeros. - With current one: then most likely with some low value coins. - With fiat money: very very unlikely. 99% you will have to exchange for Zim for cryptocurrencies. And then some global companies will sell their stocks with those new crypto coins, this is a complicated issues because it related to a lot of things in real life. I don't really care much because I do not get any benefits !
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