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Date Posted:19-06-2020 02:01:24Copy HTML

The Western Society On The Verse Of Total Collapse, They Must Make Non-Textbook Move Or Gone

The hard truth is that the western society on the verse of total collapse and disappearing.
They cannot live and use history victory to support the modern life any longer.

The current virus pandemic, migration crisis and protesters has exploded many big loopholes in the Western society.

What if for some reasons all nations stop export their products? Such as a real virus outbreak or natural catastrophe like big dams break, earthquake, super volcano eruption, etc.
Then the heavy import products in Western society will gone !

What is the protesters, migration crisis grow bigger and bigger?
The current internet environment is very easy to to manipulate the people, especially the younger generation who have no real life practices.

The western society is also gone.

All that can only happen because of wrong policies.
They are building their house but only care about the roof, but do not care about the floor, the wall the piles.
They are have minimum wages too high, they are providing too much benefits for the people. And that is the number reason leads to migration crisis and protesters.

When you have a leader say refugee welcome and support for animal life style instead of human lifestyle, then there is no hope any more for that nation.
When you have a secret society tell people to learn about cannot be verified 28 stars on the sky and have little to no connection with real lifestyle (learning from a eastern ancient book and wisdom), then that is the sign of failure as well.

I have provided some crazy move/policies to help you guys. That is the only hope and winning move you guys can use. The new public equally owned company can easily counter the gold-backed currency from the Asia because the public do not have gold, only small group of people have it.

They should not listen to the Asia secret society who most do not know what they are doing and waste time to negotiate.
They cannot keep the sword and hope for the problem will go away with just some“soft” move.
They must forget about thinking the Messiah is fake, the real Messiah only talk about good things, the stuffs we want to hear, they will appear in front of our eyes, etc.

Sorry folks, you are living in the endless possibility worlds within worlds,and everything is possible.
If you do not wake up and keep your destiny in your own hand, you only gone !
It is either make a tough non-textbook decision or gone forever.
That is the way of life in this world.

The natural catastrophe will come and increasing, and will cause much more trouble within next 12 months if you cannot have a right move and direction.

I can only give the tools but cannot appear in the public for I am above the level of this current civilization already.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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