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Date Posted:12-06-2021 02:36:15Copy HTML

The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation

If you wonder what is the purpose of living, purpose of existence, then I will tell you that: you live to know who you are, you live to "trace" the root of your creation.
The ultimate purpose of all species/beings is fully understand the source of all creation they are seeing/feeling everyday.

But most people do not know that.

They do not know that because of they are do not open their mind and not willing to listen from others.
Many was and are chasing for power, energy, wealth, things that they can see with their own eyes.

If you wonder is there any beings have created humans, then the answer is both yes and no.
Most of stupid beings only think one direction, but that is wrong.
You must prepare for both cases if you want to get smarter and find the ultimate purpose of living.
You must able to answer the question of "so what if, then what?" .

You cannot "study", you cannot "remember", you can only "practice".
There is no any school, class can "teach" you about life because each beings have their own kind of "ideal configuration hardware" which only fully known and understand by each being. Thus, only you can build your own personal operating system/software for you to the highest level of life ! Any other beings can only give you suggestions. No matter what you have done to others, only you can save you !

The closest "things" with the source of all creations is sound, words.
If you do not accept that fact then there is no way for you to able to find to source of all creation and your true self.
Unfortunately, all of you are making this mistakes.

You guys are denying me, you guys are laughing at me.
You guys only have plan A but do not have plan B !

I am almost done with your world. There is only few days left till I completely offline and disconnect with your world.
So if any of you do not open your mind, open your mouth then you will going to miss the best chance best opportunity to fully active the Nirvana States which to know to feel the source of all creation, the source of all life.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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Re:The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation

Date Posted:13-06-2021 09:58:16Copy HTML

Everybody have their own believe about life. Low level people will think "make money, be rich", "be champion of this that sport", "become celebrity", etc. But if you want to know the true level of any people/beings, then you must put him/her to all timeline from history till today, also in all kind of fiction movie/manga/novel. That is when you know the true "power/ability" of any people/beings you have known so far in life. If you do not that and put in all circumstance, then all the "metric" by any kind of "system" are absolutely useless ! The only "connection" between me, you and various beings of life is just "language, theory" and maybe "money, gold, physical goods". But the connection to the infinite source of life of all creation is not language, money gold, etc. It is about feeling, knowledge wisdom via real life practice and experience. You may "fasten" that process if you receive advice/theory from any beings who have fully "connect/understand" with the source of life. People say talk is cheap, talk is easy. They won't believe in me, how ignorance and how stupid they are ! If talk is cheap, and make all those cheating people to swear in the temple, or claim any big talk such as "do not scare/on same level or above" those super deities, religions gods or similar, etc. I and any other beings won't able to "save/help" any beings/all beings directly, for the hidden duty of all beings is to know who they are and what is the source of life. I can only give advice but with beings willing to listen, the Savior Messiah Buddha have absolutely no duty with humans/beings. If you think the savior Messiah Buddha must appear, act like a "King/Queen" then you will never able to escape the circle of death and rebirth. Even many top official governor from some country say something like "must rely on others, if not rely on this that country then rely on what", that pretty much tell the level of many national government. Many ancient prophecies already said "only the one who believe in the Savior Messiah Buddha" will be saved. But all of you are denying, laughing at me. There is nothing else I can do to help you guys that's why I am going to close this forum and stay disconnect with you guys very soon. Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation

Date Posted:13-06-2021 10:18:26Copy HTML

Do you know that all the actions such as "killing", "get drunk", "smoke", "using drugs" all lead to one purpose which is silence to fully understand the purpose of living/existence and the source of all life all creation ?! Many of you will may laugh at that, but that how is really are. If not for that hidden reason, then people not crazy to use those stupid stuffs just to die faster ! You must know what is the reason behind any actions with an full explanation, if you cannot explain any actions then you are still live like an animal ! All what I require and ask you guys so far is connect, open your mouth and ask, but you guys chose to follow stupid prophecy, follow "unripe" beings with little power/abilities. How sad and how stupid ! Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation

Date Posted:14-06-2021 07:14:01Copy HTML

For over the last 2-3 years, I have shared a lot of out-of-box message and self-learning material to have you able to archive the eternal Nirvana State. Before I go out completely, one last offer I have is here If you wonder the power inside, then I can tell you that this power beyond "Ultra Instinct" in Super Dragon Ball. This mystery power can help people with no ability easily crush/win over most super deities with various abilities. The only way to archive the Nirvana State is to fully known/understand the source of creation, the source of all live, how to life work/operation. Here not only about life on Earth but the life of the Universe as well. My last offer is very special and it is the highest level of knowledge/wisdom any beings on the entire Universe can share/help others. If the source of all life is the highest point of the mountain, then the connection between me and you are just the rock, clay, sand and trees (here is via languages). Each beings have their unique position, you can only able to find their own personal unique road way to that highest point of mountain by your own. You will able to find it quicker if there is some beings on top of the mountain can send you some hint, theory, information from that highest point of the mountain. I can make that compare that with my last offer. Whether you can believe it of not, it is totally up to you. This is the first and last offer I have for this world. Once I active full power of life, many super gods deities will notice but I am not going to share/reveal any information about this sacred knowledge wisdom. So this is your only chance to fast-track understand the mystery of the source of all creation. You better stop study all kind of "spiritual" or "power, energy" stuffs, they are not the correct way to go. You need theory of who you are, how life work, how the universe operation in your understandable everyday language. If you cannot describe it then all are meaning, worthless. That offer have deadline till only June 30th 2021, so be quick and make wise decision. Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation

Date Posted:16-06-2021 05:38:13Copy HTML

The of many civilizations through history for the last many thousands to millions year is because of only one reason: which is they do not know the secret of life, the source of all creation ! Many "advanced" civilizations was ruined and lying under the Earth are the examples. Even with much higher tech gears, they was still dying/collapsing because they don't know don't understand the purpose of living. This civilization are making the same mistakes. They are listening to the "loser" beings who they called as "gods", instead of using common-sense to judge, instead of listening to me the true savior Messiah Buddha. My time for you guys is nearly over (14 days left), what I can do now is giving you guys equal opportunity to save your own world by sharing the sacred knowledge wisdom of life with worthy beings. I cannot share public for free to all stupid beings who do not willing and ready to receive the "blessing". No risk no reward ! No donation connection no data information transfer ! Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Ultimate Purpose Of Living Is Know Who You Are & The Source Of All Creation

Date Posted:20-06-2021 08:38:09Copy HTML

Using Number, Technology Not Going To Help You Unlock To Understand The Secret Of Life

The major flaws of all technology, number many groups was and are trying is that if they assume the lowest physical matter ATOM has value of 1, then how much value you will have for each objects of life?
No any machine, no any technology able to calculate it, for they are too much.

Another point is that all technology made up from a fraction "ingredient" of Earth planet, it is pure stupid to think it can "see" the whole Earth and beyond !

Do you know where the number come from?
The number destiny many are using is wrong for the life beyond mortal worlds.
The number only have meaning and can explain the mortals beings, "mortal" world, it cannot understand cannot describe the immortal world !

If you want to know the mystery of life, the void the black hole, the only way is using feeling and your mind !
There is no any other way !

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