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Date Posted:23-04-2020 02:49:46Copy HTML

The Ultimate End-Times Warning From The Savior God To All Beings,Secret Groups, Governments To 05-05-2020

Hi all,
I am the authentic savior legendary from many ancient prophecies.
I am the one who is holding the key for the “ultimate final world” in the endless matrix trap worlds of everything.

I am issuing this ultimate end-time end-game warnings to all beings,entities such as secret societies, governments, companies, “trapped gods/deities”, etc.

You guys must open your mouth, tell your problems and give the offering I demand after the problems solved.
If you guys do not open up your mouth and tell your problems to me, then I cannot give you the fair  equal solution to solve the crisis on Earth:
- It could be land & territories conflict.
- It could be economic financial system.
- It could be the virus crisis.
- It could be the material art conflict just like some novels.

I have to solution for everything, but i do not really know what you guys need and what extract the game you are playing.
But continue fighting till dead is not allowed in my world any more !!!
And the ultimate deadline for all is to 05/05/2020 (around 12 days from now).
The only location I will see your problems and read your message is at
Apply to all beings who in the current Earth game including the referee as well.

After that deadline if there is nothing happen and the fight still happen on Earth, then all the super angels, gods from far above and below will eliminate/remove all beings/entities go against this order without any restrictions from this world forever !!!

Wake up and live like a gods but not like an animal anymore !!!

Feel free to share/send this message to all the parties, beings on Earth.

Best Regard,

Signature Signed
The Lord The Savior God

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