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Date Posted:29-11-2020 01:22:23Copy HTML

The Ultimate Blockchain Cryptocurrency Future Version Will Be The Old Historic Bank Note Coin Converted

The future and the plan for cryptocurrency is set and fixed, whether you believe it or not.
The current cryptocurrency is just in a beta wild stage.
Where you "mine" digital currency but "export/exchange" it for real life, one way street, so only the technology group receive the "blessing" and "gift".

Now there are 2 major type of cryptocurrency:

- 1 is you got by mining with computer machine.

- 2 is issued by tech companies/organizations.

In near future, many other sport clubs will issue their own coin as well and the gambling industry will change where before each match they will trade/gambling "club coin" instead of betting using any other type of money form.

But this topic is about the final revelation of the ultimate version cryptocurrency coin.
In the final version, you do not need to mining anything, but instead you will can only get the coin by "enter" the old historic banknote (the one useless not is the circulation). You will got to have unique series number and probably must swear to Gods/Angels beings that the banknote belong to you.

Of course there could be mixed version between mining and old historic bank note too, but what I am talking now is the major version type of you to understand the "future".

Cryptocurrency Name: Old Historic Money Coin
Symbol: OHMC
Total Coin: (100 Trillion).
How you get coin?
You need to have any old historic bank note from any nations any countries throughout the history and enter that in the "system" and must swear with diving beings gods/angels the info is real and you own that banknote/coin.
The exchange rate will fixed such as: 1000/2000 old money will get 1 coin.

So if you have 100 trillion Zimbabwe bank note, you will receive 5 billion coins with the rate 20000 to 1.
And the start price of the coin will probably very low 1 coin = $0.00000001.
So 100 trillion Zimbabwe bank note will equal $50-100 USD at the start.

Exchange time will and must limited to avoid chaos.

Here I am not talking the "final price" but the range price will around $0.01 to 1.00 for sure.

That is how you got rich with the Zim banknote or Iraq Dinar like the Global Currency Reset are hoping for !
That is the only way, there is no any other way for you to get rich by owning near to useless banknote one.

Because I am the real savior Messiah so I can easy see that plan from the "controllers/elders".
You can bet on that if you want to become rich.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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