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Date Posted:29-05-2020 01:09:43Copy HTML

The US Presidential Election 2020 Will Be Cancelled Because Of A Brand New Constitution System

The only “winning” move now is to re-brand the USA system like the one I have said.
Frankly the current US system are out-dated and the rules the laws must be re-written for a better life for all.

The Republic and Democrat may have difference view about how to run the economic system but they both stand for “human rights”.
But many corrupt regime nations simply do not understand that, they are treating humans like animals. Example: you are not allowed to drive even if just drink a small cup of beer, the police have rights to check your documents and stop you on the road even if you do not violate the traffic laws, etc. The list is endless.

So why not have a brand new constitution system where give back people power and set a new standard for the world and thus in-directly save the people in many parts of the global. All the sanctions, talk, military weapon threat are not going to work anymore.

Instead of forcing people to choose between 2 political parties, why don’t just give them power to choose where to live under rule this rule that from each party.

I do not receive any money to do the“right, better” things of US people so I can only share with you a draft order like this:

- United States Of America will become a new joint nation.
- All the states will be called as each portion/shares nations.
- There will be 2 kind of amendment from now: one for big joint nation and the second of each portion nations.

- The new top government & president will only have rights to “control” the military, border, security,immigration and affair stuff related with other nations. Thus the president will have much less power than now.
- While the economy & in-nation system will up completely to each state/portion nation governments. Here mean like: abolish all kind of federal tax, law this law that like “must” have insurance, must this must that. Only each state/portion nation tax.

- People will have the rights to choose where to live between each states/portion nations as long as they meet the requirement of each state/portion nations (if have). So you can choose between live under socialism or capitalism, gun or non-gun system, etc.

- Each states/portion nation budget will not allowed higher than the total tax they have collected from the previous year.
- While the budget of the federal new joint nation government will be shared equally per citizens (mostly for military, security).
- The new president of the new joint nation will not allowed from any political party, but must run on his/her own.
- While the leader of each state/portion nation can be from any group.

- There won’t be bailout or help for any companies, any more.
- The money will be given directly to only people in USA in equal opportunity. No for any other illusion entities including any other “poor” nations as well.

Is that what the so called “restored republic”or “GCR” event you guys are looking for ?!

There is no such thing a free lunch !
I have already provided ingredients,but I am not going to cook for you guys for I am not receive anything. So do your own job.

Be quick, the big road, dams are breaking everywhere on Earth. The nature are angry.

The God in the Bible and the Messiah are not the same.
The God in the Bible is most likely is a super deity who was and are still living on Earth from a long time, it could be a famous deity from Hindu or Buddhism.

Seeking for the solution but not for the “title” !

Have Fun!

Best Regard,
The Savior

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