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Date Posted:11-04-2020 02:48:40Copy HTML

The USA Is Collapsing Because They Do Not Willing Open Mindset But Think Know More Than Messiah God

I do not want to talk about “God” subject because I have fully knew it, but base on what the online media, I can tell many beings and entities simply do not understand “God” in correct way, some critical mistakes even was and will causing many casualties.

Why the USA and the West are still think they know more than the “Messiah God” and have many big mistakes in the corona virus NCOV responding?
First,they probably thought that virus was sent by God to destroy the evil Chinese Community Party.
Second, they thought the immune system of the Asian people are weak and the White people much stronger and can easy deal with the corona virus NCOV.

That is the most two basic mistakes the West has made I can tell you.
They seem want to seeking and looking for “God of the Bible” but do you know they basic mistake?
They do not willing to open their mindset, and basically assuming they are on the same level as “God”. They think all the knowledge they are “speculating, guessing have learn” so far is the correct way, while the rest are wrong. They think God is love and is only positive energy, that why they fear to talk about negative stuffs, etc.

But to summary in short,they do not willing to open their mindset to listen “out-of-box”knowledge.

The USA and the West are desperate and are using the wrong method to deal with the corona virus NCOV.

Asa real “Messiah God” I can tell you that there is only one method is working till the end, which is by using natural herbs, fruits &plants. All the rest only “empower” the beast of the land only.Some may look good in first few days, weeks but later will cause more chaos and make the overall situation worse !

Where is the truth and transparency like I have said 2-3 years ago?
Where is the “offering” to Gods if you want to increase the power of knowledge?

There is no such thing as free lunch.
If you do not open your mouth to ask and open your mindset to receive“out-of-box” knowledge, you cannot overcome and know about God.

Now I can claim I am the God many of you are looking for if “God” here mean the “God’s level in the Bible”.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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