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Date Posted:13-04-2021 10:11:52Copy HTML

The Truth About Ascension & Many People Are Making Big Mistakes With Wrong Understanding

Human ascension is real.
But how many of you are really in the correct road?
I only see many big mistakes 99.99% you guys are making. Here I am talk about who are awakening and know life is beyond what been taught in schools.

I can give you list of mistakes many are making such as:
- Treating “ascension” like a school subject, study a lot about theory, philosophy.
- Learn about magic, energy, ritual, UFO, crystal, etc.
- Only believe in“free lunch, free help” from others, do not want to spend money & resources to try out other stuffs.

I am speaking from position of a fully awakened being who many are calling as a “Buddha”.
The reason many of you are making mistakes it because you guys have not yet enough real life experience and have been “influenced/controlled” by others.

The only correct path way for human ascension is you guys must control/understand your physical human body first, then learn other subjects.
If you guys cannot understand and master your body,then all the external power are meaningless!
If you guys cannot extend your longevity to many thousand years, then all the “assumption” theory/philosophy of life are worthless.

The matrix internet has a lot of good and bad learning materials.
But what is good guide and suitable for you own situation ?!
Well that is impossible to tell, only you know what is going on inside your body.

As the world savior, I remind all of you that I am having a special final offer to help you unlock and fully understand the human body. The special offer have very limited time(only exist for 2 weeks and will end very soon).

So that is the fastest road way and greatest guide can help you in your ascension journey !

If you miss this opportunity then you will most likely will never able to ascend to higher state of human body.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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