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Date Posted:28-04-2020 02:32:48Copy HTML

The True Whole Picture About Global Currency Reset Battle Beyond Government Control

The global currency reset event is special and sacred. And this post is something beyond your normal knowledge and education.

The fact is that all the USA,China, Russia governments, military are just tier 3 groups and have absolutely no voice about when and how the global currency reset and the new financial system occur.

All the plan you have heard on the alternative media by secret agencies were all cancelled by the tier 1 group who never interfere about Earth affair since the very beginning.

The tier 2 group are the one behind many gold and public rich money families. This group beings able to withstand all kind of gun shot, rocket, etc. and have many abilities you can see in the movie.
You can ask your top government and military to confirm these kind of humans exist on Earth.

But it all about the tier 1 group, who far more scary and have much higher level of enlightenment.
They could see how the world result from 10, 20 or 50 years (depend on level of each being) after the Global Currency Reset if go with this plan or that plan. That is the main reason why all the previous plan made by tier 2, 3 groups was cancelled.

Back to normal knowledge and talking.
The battle between 2 team East West is all about “fiat” and “gold”,how to insert the “money currency” in a fair way.

And I can tell you that that battle can only end when I tell the perfect system where both “fiat” and “gold” will coexist in harmony.

And the new global currency reset can only occur after the land & territory conflict problem totally solved.

Asa real savior, I have both solutions.
But I am only reveal it if the governments/authorities open their mouth and ask at

I do not deal with stupid secret agencies who think I will give them the perfect solution under fake account like in the past.

If you guys do not open your mouth and ask which mean the situation still not terrible and you guys do not need the real solution yet.

I have a lot of time and already in immortal state, so I have nothing to rush. It is all about whether you guys ready to receive or not.

And for those who still waiting to exchange currency and have free money,then the only place to exchange is at There is cannot any other place for I am the final decider of this event!

Best Regard,
The Savior

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