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Date Posted:29-04-2020 02:06:02Copy HTML

The True Meaning Of Important Keywords In The Bible End Time – The Beast, Antichrist, Babylon System

I just want to give you the true knowledge and wisdom at the end time, for too many“wrong” information out there.

The Beast
Here“God in the Bible” want to refer to the virus.
Humans all have some kind of kind virus since they were born.
And mark of the beast 666 are sick sick sick. And only “according to man” they become 666, here is man but not Gods.
All kind of technology, vaccine, drug many groups are thinking are all wrong.
So the beast already exist from many thousand years ago!!!

It is not just the “bad” people but also the “good” people as well.
It refer to all people who do not willing to open their mindset, do not willing to seeking new knowledge, do not willing to listen to other people.
They are not immortal beings and do not know the secret of life yet, but they already “thought” and “assume” they have power like Gods, which is stupid.
Example here are many secret societies, governments who are fighting over the land territories and financial system. The fact there is already solution exist to satisfy all parties involved but they just do not open their mouth and ask the rest yet.
They think they know more than Gods, how funny and stupid !!!

Babylon System
The Babylon system is the system where people give power to others to make rule & laws of how they living, without even veto.
It is like one way street, but not two fair way. It like the referee play the game as well as the players.
That cause many stupid stuffs like corruption, unfair living condition in life.

And this system will collapse very soon nation by nation at the ripe time.
You will see 1000+ new nations within next 20 years from now.

You will have better financial system where people will know how much money was printed each nation. And how the money will be “inserted” in the much fairer way than the current one.

You will have a “international company” in your own country to report corruption, the out-of-laws actions made by politicians and others.

Those are the real true meaning of some important keywords in the Bible’s end time.
You can trust in information or your believe in any other sites, it is all up to you.

I am here just to post some real, divine knowledge and wisdom for beings ready and willing open their mindset to receive new stuffs from “above mortal human” level at limited time only.

Best Regard.

The Savior

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