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Date Posted:02-06-2020 08:06:21Copy HTML

The Top US Government Is Clueless, The Military Must Take Over And Install A Online President

If you give people money to destroy their own small family house, will they do it? No.
But now why many people who are get paid and willing to loot, destroy many US cities, their big house.
If you cannot answer that question then you cannot “manage” the US zoo properly!

The top US leaders & government are clueless, useless and do not know what is the root problem.
Justice, law & order do not work with people who are deaf, blind and nothing to lose in life.

The current US president and government are digging and destroying the US nation indirectly.
The next phrase of it will be the gun fight or in short a civil war, if you do not have the “right”action.

Stop blaming others !
If there was no fire,no matter how much oil you put in, there cannot be fire eruption.
But now some group sponsor and pay people to protest but many are willing to do, which mean there much be some real internal conflict within the USA already.

If you use military, gun shot then the problem only get worse !

The only solution is you must analyze and get to the bottom line of the whole problem, which is ultimately the out-dated laws, constitution & economic system.

If the current protest situation only happen in just few states then it would be a beautiful just like a cage MMA fight. But when it happen in all the states which mean is a disaster.

There are a lot of reasons like:
- The food stamp system. You can only protest if you have food/energy, if you do not have food stamp, I do not think that much people have that kind of energy to riot all over the street in the USA.
- The economic system lead to many jobless people, all because of what called as minimum wage.
- The lazy DNA in black people. This problem is beyond public knowledge and education.
- They have nothing to lose. If you have law to restrict budget & food stamp to whatever cities/states who have protester turn into riot, looting, then you will see a different story.

Whoever using the word racist to describe others is in fact a racist person.
Because people are free to express, feel to choice and do what they like and what they do not like.

So stop using that word racist to tell others.

I can only recommend the US military takeover the nation and seeking advice from online community and could be install a new online president who only giving advice like the me the Messiah.

And then whether you use the advice is another story, but at least you have and know other option.
You need to remember the whole US system was build from and on military forces and business money, so which mean there cannot be any new leader who born in US land can understand both the “human right” and“economy” at the same time. And the option “God in the Bible” come out of nowhere will never allowed happen since he/she level way above the average level of current civilization.

If the USA military & government do not seek advice from online community and smart people, then there is no hope for them, they will soon see and have a civil war, just a little bit of “oil, gas”from hjack group.

With all the protest worldwide, this is the perfect opportunity to have a much better constitution system and end the conflict not just in the USA but globally as well.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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