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Date Posted:21-08-2020 12:23:47Copy HTML

The Third Temple Is Already Up In Jerusalem Israel But People Do Not Know That

The truth is that the third temple many the Jew people was and are waiting for is already there in Jerusalem Israel.

Look at the dictionary the meaning of Temple.
They are the place for people come to pray !
And now, look at the wall in Jerusalem, you will see many thousand people come to pray everyday !

The first and second temple may be big with big building structure.
But you can still call the third temple is just a small temple with just some brick wall alone.

Do you know the biggest temple on Earth is the Earth planet itself ?!

If you want to talk and compare with prophecy in old textbooks, I can tell you that the God of Israel and/or God in the Bible always give their point of view about something in life.
But most if not all people are still only trying do “decode” and use their knowledge level to “judge” those words, which is not as mart way. Just like what is cheap what is expensive meaning, the people have money tell that everything below 1 million is cheap, while the poor said everything above 1000 is expensive.

Even if God of Israel or God in the Bible said the Messiah is the Jewish but only from their view, but not your mortal human view.

Because what is a Jewish meaning?
The answer is up to each people understanding.
The smart people will say whoever know the Torah and have basic understanding about Jew people.
The stupid people will say they must work and live like us including pray, eat the same food, etc.

No matter what any entities, beings are saying, the eternal truth is the sky of Earth is a temple, the planet Earth is the most beautiful temple itself.

You can wait and gambling with your knowledge, I do not care, I just want to give you other point of view.
But as the real savior Messiah,I can guarantee with you guys that there won’t be any third physical temple being built in Jerusalem Israel like the first andthe second one, because they are not necessary. Pray without any blocking concrete wall celling, straight to the sky is always better other place.

There is no any temple can be compared with the giant beautiful Earth planet itself.

If the Israel people really want to end the conflict with other nearby nations, they can only seek help from me the Messiah at forum But the time is very limited less than 30 days from now.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah

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