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Date Posted:08-04-2021 03:00:15Copy HTML

The Secret Of Mediation, Ghost, Angel, Unseen Spiritual World

The human body is running like a van car.
Do you know why people tend to feel better after meditation?
Because when you stay in meditation mode, your body "stop" working on various issues such as reading, watching, thinking, etc. Instead they only do one job which is "cleaning" the body.
How to you feel after a quick snap?
Much better even with just 30 minutes snap !

That is the similar and same positive effect of meditation.

But if you are still eating a lot (most humans are today), then the meditation are useless for the long term effect.

Do you know you can talk/communication with unseen ghost?
Do you know that various so called "guru" can tell your past life actions?
Because they can "ask" those unseen ghost/angel beings.

But most people are scaring of them, which is too stupid.
They are acting just like the commentator in any sport events. They can only describe the past lottery number, they cannot giving you the correct upcoming one !

You are the player in the game/match and are the decider outcome.
You must stop listening to those "guru" or ghost.

Instead you must train your brain and ask various question such as "why do this, why do that", "what is the positive/negative effect", and the ultimate goal is how to improve yourself and live longer (at least to 1000 years old).

Best Regard,

The Savior

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