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Date Posted:18-02-2021 06:00:01Copy HTML

The Secret Of Gods In Religions, Divine Spiritual Energy Revelation
In all religions in textbook, scripture, arts, structures around the world, you see many picture about “Gods”. But how much you know about them.
The “Gods” here I want to refer beings/entities who are the founders/helpers of many nations, the one who have giving “tools” for mortal humans. Many of of you call that group as the God of Israel, the God of China, The Lord, Allah, etc.
Have you ever wonder what is the difference between mortal humans vs “God”.
In pictures they look pretty much like all of you.
The secret is the “Divine Spiritual Energy”.
What is exactly is that kind of energy?
They are the eternal neutral energy above “Yin” and “Yang”.
They are not like some stupid lying “Dragon energy” or “Lion energy” or “Cat energy”, etc. Most of you are hearing. Those type of energy only to deceive people, have no real significant power.
If you have enough that kind of divine spiritual energy you can easily “fly” (foot do not touch surface/land).
But in order to “cultivate” that kind of energy, you must activate the secret “Divine Spiritual Energy Storage/Battery” within your own body.
Once you activate that secret storage/battery, you can easily win over any kind of boxing, UFC fight with mortal humans. You can easily run 1000 meters in less than 10 seconds rather than 100 seconds.
With that divine spiritual energy, you can heal and cure any kind of disease, sickness.
If you want to hold any legendary swords, you must have that kind of energy in your body, but depend on the sword powerful level, it will require different metric.
That is major difference between mortal humans vs “Gods”.
Without the basic “Divine Spiritual Energy Storage/Battery”, all of beings many of you call as Gods are just mortal humans !
But how to active that special powerful divine energy storage/battery is another question.
It is nearly impossible for mortal humans like you who are reading read article know about the existing of that organ inside humans, let’s alone know how to “active” it and how to “cultivate” the energy.
If you guys do not believe my information, just send this article to beings many of you calling as “Gods” to verify.
Unlike many of stupid spiritual talk online only focus on philosophy or some stupid numberlogy, energy this that, most of my information are out-of-the-box.
If you ask do I know how to active and using that special “Divine Spiritual Energy Storage/Battery”, then my answer is that it is too easy.
But because that it too powerful, that’s why I am not going to share it, you cannot give the kids nuclear weapon, you guys cannot handle it.
Rather than that, I got nothing to share the knowledge & wisdom.
You guys can continue chasing for money, wealth, numberlogy, stupid energy exchange, etc. then die.
But if you want to “level” up your own character and live like God, you guys must learn & active that special divine energy subject.
Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
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