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Date Posted:08-09-2020 01:14:46Copy HTML

The Secret Global Currency Reset Battle Between Various Groups & Future Revelations

The terms global currency secret, prosperity, free endless money, etc. has appeared too much.
But how many of you even know what is the truth about that event, and more important the final result.

First, let’s look at the current global financial system rule after the WW2.
The trade and the rule was very clear:

- The West (The first world countries such as USA, UK, France, etc.) got technology and the “control” button of the financial system to decide which nation they want to “ban/restrict”.
- The East (Countries like China, Vietnam, India, Japan, Korea, etc.) got the Gold, a fundamental key to “insert” money into the system.

So all nation governments need gold in order to insert money into the global financial system.

What is happening right now is something like this:
USA: We want to remove that rule, we want each nation have ability to insert any amount of money without even have Gold. The reason is that once the doomdays natural catastrophe disaster come, we cannot import goods from outside, in the name of “trade war”.

Asia: Are you crazy, do you see the word “stupid” in my forehead ?! You are controlling the media, technology, now if you have the “rights” to print endless money then it like we are handling our nations to yours, just look at the current US Dollar in all world corner already.

Royal Monarch: We do not want any financial reset, the current system is fine because we have a lot of gold and endless money, haha. We do not want take risk, we gain nothing from new financial system, but only the potential trouble.

USA: But the natural catastrophe is coming, we must save our people first, we do not have real in-nation goods, we cannot rely on others.

Asia: OK, fine, give us the new financial system and we will have a discussion later. But one thing requirement is that the US Dollar influenced must out of the Asia continent.

USA: Hey everybody, let’s make and manifest it. Free money for all ZWR Zimbabwe money note holder, whoever have any projects to help the economy you are free to receive free money to do it, and endless future dream story.

Divine Angels, Supreme Beings : All of you need to shut up and wait for the savior to come, only him know which way is the correct way to go.

That is the best summary, the current battle is 3 teams.
If you wonder what is the final result, then it is up to each people “vision”.

The current corona virus NCOV COVID is just pure proxy war for 2 major problems:

- The knowledge wisdom of human body.
- New better fairer global financial system.

If you put your position into the rich royal monarch, do you want to “take” risk with no any “gain”.

The USA have not yet even have a real “accepted” new global financial structure, let’s alone make the dream come true and implement it public.

The good news for all of you that me the world savior have the answer for all !

But the sad news is that no any national government believe it because they think the savior must help everybody for free of charge.

They forget that the rich money people do not give a fuk about the slums in India, Bangladesh, and they are in that “slum” position”.

They forget about all kind of religions teaching about praying offering to“higher level’ beings.

For those “lack of money” and dreaming about free money, then the only place you can receive free trillions money is, because I am the one who is decide who is receive the money and who is not and the time is limited too.

And frankly, the less people to fill the application the better for me for I will have less work to do.

My patience have limited, if you do not seeking help from me at forum before the deadline 15-09-2020 September 15th 2020, then you are not going to receive that special help until some super volcano eruption or mega natural disaster occur.

That statement for all groups, entities, beings at all level of existence.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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