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Date Posted:27-06-2021 05:00:02Copy HTML

The Savior Ultimate Solution For The Global Economic System Is Using 2 Type Of Energy Exchange Paper

If you are looking for a perfect solution for the global trade war, whole international economic financial system, then this is the best ever information brought to you by me the Savior Messiah Buddha.

The solution in short is having 2 type of “energy exchange paper form” at the same time, and let’s them co-exist in harmony.
It is impossible to “fix/change” the current system because those beings/entities who are behind are too stupid and not want to change it because of their low level of understanding.
So the only option left to the table is creating something brand new and do what the current “money paper” cannot offer.

My solution is having both Money and Society Fair Contribution Point (SFCP) energy exchange paper at the same time.
It will very different in term of features but have the same purpose which is can be trust exchange paper between the people.

Let’s have a look about the current money and talk about that features:
- Money paper is made, backed and distributed by a small group of people (mostly the national governments and few other groups). Whether any hidden rules in the shadow about it or not, I do not need to know.
- Money is using wildly, without moral, as long as you can “deceive” others, then you can “earn” money. Various methods such as sell goods, services whether you “cheat/lying” only you know.
- Money is not clear, people do not how much money in the system. People do not even what is true money paper meaning, they only care about having that as much as possible.

The new energy exchange money form additional to the current system must be the Society Fair Contribution Point (SFCP), whatever name you would like to called but the features will be the same like below:
- SFCP paper made, distributed and backed by the whole society from national level to continents, whole planet level.
- The only way to “earn” the Society Fair Contribution Point (SFCP) is fully complete tasks/competition which are get accepted by the society.

Some examples such as: you will receive amount of SFCP when you reached 20, 30, 40, 50 to 100 year old or more.
You can earn SFCP through various fair competition such as sports, arts,music, etc. But unlike the current unfair competitions you seen, the rules will be designed in the most fair way and some rules will be added by players to make the match/game more interesting. But more importantly the amount of SFCP will be distributed for each competition will based on total amount of competitors and the demand of the public for that event/challenge, not set by the “rulers”.
The challenges will be fun and well educated and will be a new way to earning for the whole society.

- The total amount of SFCP in the whole society will published and known to the whole society.
- You can using SFCP to exchange for the current money paper, or can using it for direct buy/sell/trade with others as long as your national government allow it.
- In each SFCP paper,there will be level on it from National to Continents, Whole Planet. The tasks and opportunity will be equal to that level.

So you still using the current money system, but have another new energy exchange system beside that, but interesting part is not compete with the money system but support and do what the current money system cannot offer to the public.

That is the basic information I can give you guys before going completely offline.
I do not get paid so I don’t waste time to talk and design, talk it more specific, but the main idea is there.

If any entities/groups want to use my solution, you guys must receive my special permission.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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Re:The Savior Ultimate Solution For The Global Economic System Is Using 2 Type Of Energy Exchange Paper

Date Posted:28-06-2021 05:47:13Copy HTML

Some extra features for the Society Fair Contribution Point (SFCP) will make life more balance and interesting such as: - Only allow individual people own/using. All kind of corporation are not allowed. - People do not have to pay any kind of tax for any activities related to SFCP, including buy sell trade, etc. - Only people was born from the land is allowed to receiving/using the SFCP. ... Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Savior Ultimate Solution For The Global Economic System Is Using 2 Type Of Energy Exchange Paper

Date Posted:29-06-2021 03:07:30Copy HTML

This is the best possible solution to help you solve the conflict between "Capitalism" vs "Socialism", between East vs West ideology. But if you are too stupid, you will never able to understand and see the future vision of my idea. A true capitalism is the one where you can make money by your own actions, not by "enslave/control" others. If you want to see how a true capitalism vs socialism battle look like: you just need to have some extra rule of how to using the Society Fair Contribution Point (SFCP) such as: - People are not allowed to buy/sell with the goods/products they didn't make like gold, silver, luxury items and money. - All kind of "loan" with the SFCP are not allowed, there will only send and receive ! ... the list of feature and rules could be endless to make life more balance. If you guys want to use my solution, you guys must request a special permission from me. Do not think you guys can steal and get away with it, even your gods not capable of it ! This is my final post about money, economic. Best Regard, The Savior Messiah Buddha
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