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Date Posted:20-07-2020 02:10:54Copy HTML

The Savior Reveal Ultimate Truth Of Human Life On Earth Is Similar To A Climb Mount Everest Festival

This is the ultimate explanation post many of you from various groups, nations, tribes,organization, etc. have been waiting for a very long time.
What is the correct ultimate plan the human race Creator had made, let’s find out.

If you want to know more and have better understanding about the ultimate truth of human life on planet Earth,you must able to find a similar example in nature (via action language everybody can understand) so that you guys have something as a “neutral metric” to “debate” with each other. Without that,all kind of words, messages, philosophy, ideology, etc. are just waste of time and are meaningless, just like “guessing,speculating”.

The only truth of human life on Earth planet is very similar to a climbing mountain festival, with the ultimate purpose/goal is to able to climb to the top of the world: mount Kailash on the Everest mountain range by yourself alone.

Why I claim and said that is the only truth, because the “above” gift“religions” was trying to telling it.

If the word“Nirvana” seem very virtual and hard to understand, then flying over mount Kailash will be much easier target and remember.

What the key teaching many religions was trying to telling you about Ultimate Goal Of Life:
- The Buddhism remind you that “only you can help yourselves to archive Nirvana state”.
- The Hinduism telling you that “Lord Shiva is residing over mount Kailash, only “true good” people can able to fly/climb to the top of mount Kailash”. Of course good here base on immortal beings metric, not based on mortal human point of view.

In order to “climb” to that high mount Kailash, many people/groups/nations/organizations have different views and have their own opinion about the “correct” route way. The other truth is that none of those leaders of those groups who made decisions about laws/rules/policies have successfully “pass the final festival test”. Because if you have passed, they would disappear already.

All of them are still gambling, speculating the about the route, direction.
But guess what, they are fighting each others for a “potential” winning lottery number.
Because there are endless route ways to mount Kailash on the Everest mountain rage from the land floor (0 m sea level).

I don’t want to describe anymore, for they can image and compare their own current fight with each others to a climbing mount Kailash festival. Here I mean all the nations, governments, organizations,communist team, capitalism team, etc. They only hold/right about a certain small path, but absolutely not the whole correct route way.

That is the real reason why there are a lot of nations with different languages.
More nations mean more projects, more route way searching, whether right or wrong is still always better than put every eggs on a same bag. Because of cannot predict weather/climate/environment.
If one nation/one route way fail then there are still many one remain.

That is the reason why I have said this civilization is committing suicide and collapsing because of “globalization, standard policy”.

Now look back history of human race from over last 6000 years.
Why nations fighting against nation?
Because they just want to have the “rights” to travel more, to observe the environment, the ground floor to have a better understanding about the environment,mount Everest, mount Kailash, so they may have better preparation,better plan, better chance to find the “correct route”.

That is a very easy funny explanation.
But if base on modern science explanation and real life example, then it because they was eating too much foods, thus have too much energy, they need to release out,that why you had many wars throughout history.

The problems of humanity in general is come from lack of creative, lack of choice & forget history.

People are chasing for money, material items and some even practice stupid rituals. All because of wrong education or lack of creative “better” education school.

That is the problem of human race, the problem between nations about various subjects such as trade war,unemployment rate, jobs, etc. are all come from lack of choice as well.

That is why I have said I am the only one can save this civilization but all of you do not listening.

I am the Savior legend from many ancient prophecies which many name such as Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Christ, Buddha, etc. And I am on top of mount Kailash and pass the final test of the festival already.

I am speaking an unknown language (Korean, Afrikaans, Russian, etc.),you guys only speaking English language.
But guess what, you guys are demanding and waiting the savior come and prove to you guys that I am able to speak that unknown language, while you guys only speak and understand English language.

It is like you guys want to people who already on the top of mount Kailash help you guys,but you guys do not tell your specific location from your view. Even if speaking the same language, it is impossible because they are 2way street, if you look down from the top, they may be hidden danger from stones where only people look up from the bottom can see it.

That is exactly what happening right now on Earth where the civilization is collapsing.
I have said I can easily solve any problems you guys have but you guys must speak outs o I can fully understand your own problem and have the right direction base on the situation. But you guys do not speak but silence and just waiting “miracle” come out of nowhere.

The end and collapse of many nations throughout history have the same cause which is the “top” to not listen to the “bottom” and have the “correct” policy.
It like the route way project was shut down because of internal conflict between people on that route,but not because the direction. Quite similar situation if you treat the whole human race as a same route, isn’t.

You guys must end the conflict between people so your mind can be free from the “bottom” and have better chance to find the final destination.

But you guys must remember that the powerful nature Gods and ancient teaching have said the weather/climate/environment is just the reflect of humans thought/actions.
The Taoism recommend people “stay out of politics, government affair”, and suggest the government “do not make too much law & policy, standard”. Because the powerful mother nature will response and do whatever it take to make the festival game balance.

I am tired of waiting you guys already.
This is the final post from me. This is the best possible explanation about human life on Earth via action language.
If you guys still cannot and do not recognize me as the Savior Legend from many ancient prophecies, then there is nothing more I can do to help you guys to climb to the top of mount Kailash or archive Nirvana state.

I am an immortal human, you guys just mortal humans but you guys only waiting me to prove that I am an immortal beings without any talk, any questions. It is just impossible ! There is absolutely nothing more I can help you guys.

The Sun Calling – The Moon Hearing– The Gods Of Destruction – The Master Of Creation – The King Of Evolution
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