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Date Posted:18-06-2020 01:38:47Copy HTML

The Savior Reveal The Next Economy Evolution Will Be A New Public Equally Owned Company Type
This solution/strategy belongs to me the legendary savior, no any entities/beings is allowed to use it for any purpose without my permission. The divine angel police team is watching and will “eliminate” all the cheaters without warning.

The only reason for the rich money people group got richer without working is because of their passive income through investment. All smart people know what they are doing and I am not here to describe again.

But all of the current big corporations have a same weakness but the public to not know and take advantage of it, which is their company structure.

The next economy evolution and the only real way to bring equally to is by having a real public equally owned company type (PEO).

The new public equally owned (PEO) company will have a structure like this:
- The founder/owner only own less than 1% of total shares so it could be 0.01% to 0.99%.
- The public people (from 1 million to 100 million people) will own the rest from 99.01% to 99.99% which a strict rule depend on the population, country,nations.
- The founder/owner will control and decide the how the company run even with less than 1% shares.
- The public people must be from real person, but not any kind of entity, will only receive the profit every year but not allowed to decide how to company run.
- All people will only allow to own the maximum same amount of share, and allow to sell to any other person at any moment through either a new stock market system or system designed by that company.
- There will be 2 type of PEO: Domestic and International but the structure are the same. The international type will sell their shares to all their population customers nation base on the products sales.

That is how you can defeat the current giant corporations and the media.
That is the real next economy evolution. The financial system will be changed based on trust and self-responsibility as well.

All the business can be easily replicated nowadays.
With this new company type,all the current giants company will 100% be gone for sure. The public is smart enough to realize which company they should be support and use.

I do not care who is the “bad” or “good”guys.
But if any entities who want use my creation public equally owned (PEO) company, you must get the permission from me first. It is such a good and a great public image for any nations who could introduce this company type to the world.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

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