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Date Posted:14-05-2020 12:53:15Copy HTML

The Savior Reveal A Perfect Solution To Solve The Land Territory Conflict By Having A New Global Nation Calling Standard

This solution/information is sacred and belong to me the savior legend. No any entity/beings is allow to using it for any purpose without my permission, or will face heavy punishment (from a warning to total vanish/dead depend on actions) by divine team/super deities/natural gods.

The only way to solve and end to land territory problem which exist for many thousands years is by having a total new global international standard accept by most people.
You may wonder how is that possible, then I tell you that it is very easy,and here is the way:

- A normal/single nation: a complete nation who the government control both military and economic system. Like the most current nations on Earth.

- A joint nation: a nation contain from at least 2 portion/shares nation. And those portion nation either share the same economy system or the same military defend, but must have share the same language/culture. A joint nation government will act as observer,advice provider, special report receiver from citizen like corruption, abnormal activities like virus/disease outbreak in each portion nation.

- A portion/shares nation: a nation who still have a government control almost everything like other independence nations but have some sort of “special” relationship with other portion nation in that join nation.

- A economic nation: a nation who the government only control the economic system while they rely on other nations for the military/safety defend at some cost.

So you may have some big joint nation such as China, Korea, India, etc. and some portion nations like North Korea & South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet & other small portion nations in China, etc.

You do not and cannot report tell the government how corrupt they are because they are acting from both player and referee job. But a joint nation government can easily remove that stupid loophole. And the benefit of a joint nation government is enormous, only “bad, corrupt” animal mindset beings do not want that happen, but many smart people want that.

That is the only way to end the conflict about ego but still keep a nation within a nation & everything, there is no any other way.

I do not want to talk to much, but I think that is enough “cure” for the current life around land conflict.

Oh, you may allow to share it to your boss but do not allow to using it for the public without my permission the savior legendary.

I remind you guys that the current only communication place is at

Signature Signed
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Any-Name

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