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Date Posted:24-04-2021 02:13:06Copy HTML

The Savior Messiah Buddha Reveal The New Additional Money System & The Best Money Exchange Formula

The information,solution belong to me the Savior Messiah Buddha (whatever other name), you are required a special permission from me in order to use it.

What is the current major world and human race problems?
- Between nations: money exchange rate where nations with higher natural resources have an upper hand and able to control the market (unless they are really stupid).

- At personal individual level: only focus on making money, and now there is only one way to making money which is “remembering” theory and work like a monkey (in almost all kind of jobs, maybe except the“calling shot” such as CEO, top government officer but still most of them are gambling/speculating).

- At whole planet level: the climate change problem, but not a big issue at the moment because the climate reflect the human knowledge and mindset, you must solve the “money” problem between people, nations first before think about this climate problem. All kind of global corporation with philosophy and science won’t work (if the super beings “Gods”want to cause natural disaster, then you will get in easily in few hours).

So what is the best solution to solve above problem?
The only working solution is an additional new money system, beside the current natural resources and online cryptocurrency one. But it must done in a correct smart way.

New Global Fair Money System
The new global money system is based on humanity and human race in general, but it still has the national value in it.
If the current money system based on natural resources and “insert” by the head national government,then the additional global fair money system will bases on total number of population in each nation.

Is that ok to create paper called money but do not allow it to using for buy/sell with the current goods/services?
Yes any nations can do it. So I made it and called as the new global fair money.
A piece of paper called money have no value unless you can using it for something.
Oh,so let’s allow it able to only “exchange” with the current natural money fiat issued by national government without any restriction between people.

So far so good !
But what about money exchange rate between nation ?

In order to have the best fair money exchange rate, you must have the same fair starting point and an agreement of how the money exchange rate will changed between nations.

The money exchange rate between nations should only changed when a real goods/products are “touchdown/shipped” to other nations with the best fair money exchange rate formula.
All kind of other called “services” such as digital products must off the table since it does not bring any physical value and most nation governments do not care about it, all only care about real physical goods/products. Those “services”can be easily cheated/manipulated, the only things cannot be cheated is real physical products !

Initial Setup:
Minimum Money Value: depend on each nation, could be 1, 10, or 100,1000.
Maximum Money Allowed To Be Printed: average from 100,000 to 1 million per person (with money value is 1), depend on agreement between nations.
All the amount money paper in the circulation must be public and get observed/verified by the rest of nations. (Can be done with QR code or any tracking material or any other methods).

Money Exchange Rate Formula:
The money exchange rate will be based on 3 factors:
- The export/import number.
- The population of the nation.
- The value of that money vs the most stable natural resources such as gold, silver, bronze, oil, etc. (take the one with value change the less) (should not be used).

Depend on the agreement, we will have
- “breaking the limit value” of 0.01% from 1 time to 100 times of the population.
- “exchange rate changing period time” from 1 week to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12months.

Nation A with 10 million people and have net export of 100 million will increase value from1.00 to 1.01 (with break the limit value 10 times of population).
Nation B with 50 million people and have net export of negative -200 million will decrease value from 1.00 to 0.98 .(with break the limit value of 2 times of population)

Above examples work well if you only use the money for “exchange” with the current natural money resources fiat money based system.
If you want to using it for direct trade with physical goods, then all you need to do is add the value of the most stable natural resources like bronze, silver, gold, oil etc.

But the question of the most “fair” trade system then what?
If people still dying and natural disaster still happening then it not worth it. But if use the version of “just enough” formula like a above, then using it as tool to “educate/guide” people or “save the planet”then it would be much better choice.

So the best option now is have 3 tier money systems:
- the new global fair money system – for physical exchange goods between nations. Owned by global international community.
- the natural resources based– for in-nation trading of both services & goods. Owned by each national government.
- the online cryptocurrency – for online activities. Owned by each technology companies and internet community.

So we should have like:
- Tier 1: the global US Money, global CN Money, JP Money, etc.
- Tier 2: the US Dollar, CN yuan, JP Yen, etc.
- Tier 3: whatever option for tech companies belong the current cryptocurrency system.

It is all about “objective goal”.
Do nothing, you guys 100% going to die in natural disaster. Do something wrong will die at faster speed. Do in correct way, your life will be saved !

It is tough to talk with idiots stupid people who do not know how to use search engine, do not enter the question but still “hope” the search engine, the savior Messiah Buddha give them the answer/solution, to “help” their game their life.
So this is the last signal last help I can give you guys before going completely offline in next few weeks forever.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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Re:The Savior Messiah Buddha Reveal The New Additional Money System & The Best Money Exchange Formula

Date Posted:24-04-2021 12:43:08Copy HTML

Above is just a brief details about the additional new money system. There is still some features and how the new money note being distributed still unknown. But the basic fair rule is that it will be equal and same opportunity for all. I do not get paid to help your world, so it is such a waste of time to thinking about solution for your own trouble !
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Re:The Savior Messiah Buddha Reveal The New Additional Money System & The Best Money Exchange Formula

Date Posted:25-04-2021 08:45:49Copy HTML

I will be offline soon and never online so if any national government want to use this idea/solution then the minimum requirement is at least 20 million USD donation via cryptocurrency. List of the wallet can be found at: - or - Above solution is the only way can help America USA and other low natural resources get the country back and able to "print" more money without cause war and chaos. Because the current financial system backed by natural resources has been exist for many thousands years, you cannot replace the current one with any kind of other system based on technology fiat. The only option left is add something new into the current one. And my solution is the best option on the table can help all nations able to print endless-control paper money without breakdown the current financial system. If you just print new foreign money paper, but only allow people to exchange when they travel outside their nation, then it is perfectly fine. Even with option use for only foreign physical products/goods trade between various nations is an great idea, so all nation will nearly the same floor and never need to worry about trade deficit. Do not wait for others, you must save your own nation with real proper policy. No any gods with super power can help you because the "fighting power" is forbidden on Earth at the moment ! Do not fear for the future or any other group/entities because those are just illusion of mind to challenge you ! Best Regard, The Savior
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