Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:26-06-2021 10:32:53Copy HTML

The Savior Messiah Buddha Final Words About The Virus Pandemic

I am going offline forever very soon so I will give you some final words about the on going virus pandemic corona NCOV COVID whatever name.

I do not care who and what entities/groups/beings who are behind the virus pandemic because it does not really matter to me because the ultimate purpose of living I have already archived which is the Nirvana state, fully know fully understand the source of all creation, the way/rule of life/universe or in short word is the eternal life.
So I do not care about the limited mortal worlds those deities/entities/beings are heading to !
It is similar to a guys with no education but know a secret power search engine address vs many various groups/beings with only school education degrees do not know the life library address (where their knowledge can easily be found on the search engine).

Now it time for some basic important knowledge about virus, vaccines.

- Virus is too small with human eyes. It is good for life, only stupid non-education people say it is bad.
- People do not dead just because of only 1 type of virus, all people who are died because of "disease" always have more than one type of virus in their human body => So all the information blaming "NCOV COVID virus" for the dead are pure scam and stupid.
- The COVID have no real symptom and only exist in the media !

- Vaccine, what is vaccine, to life saver or a toxic maker importer?
Most of the so called vaccine are pure scam, especially the one made with non-organic ingredients (mostly in lab house).
The human body always release the antibiotics and open self-defense system after receiving "toxic, non-organic matter".
So no matter why kind of "vaccine, toxic ingredients", the human body always release "antibiotic" after receive any kind of vaccines.

Few years ago I have already talked about the flu vaccine scam in the USA made by mostly the Jews people just for money.

You can easily say now all the national governments and entities behind the stupid COVID pandemic are scamming, deceiving, killing people for money, wealth and other reasons which only they known/believe.
All the national leaders should be shot to dead for lying to the public, they are not human anymore !

Instead of educate, giving the virus working mechanism, they only promoting vaccine everyday.
Why people got healed without vaccine, drugs?
The real leaders must call for research on those case and give advice for the public instead of testing, tracing scam method !

I have absolutely words for those stupid animals in human form anymore.

After I am going offline, the natural gods will not have any more reasons to hold back their job anymore. The only reason you guys have not yet received anything because I still online and giving you guys a chance to save your life.

But the opportunity will gone next few days.
Very soon in this year, you guys will going to receive mega natural disasters never seen before.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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Re:The Savior Messiah Buddha Final Words About The Virus Pandemic

Date Posted:28-06-2021 08:55:47Copy HTML

All kind of virus already exist on Earth. It is all about the stupid narrow mindset of the secret controllers. Vaccine is going against the human nature development and evolution ! If you use vaccine back few hundreds to thousand years ago (via time travel machine), the entire civilization would not even able to stay alive till this point ! Instead of learning and stay with the virus, stupid beings tried to "defeat" the impossible force, just only for the "virus" evolve more and become much more "dangerous", till some point will have like zombies movies for sure ! Some people will die, some will live, that's part of life for many thousand years on Earth.
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