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Date Posted:14-06-2021 12:53:02Copy HTML

The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

It is easy to active super power, super abilities, but that is not the ultimate purpose of living. The only correct and hidden purpose of creation is to fully known, fully understand who you really are & the source of all life, the source of all creation.

All beings especially the one with super power/abilities like those famous deities in all religions was and are chasing for that hidden divine knowledge wisdom.

I will going out and disconnect with the internet soon.
So I will reveal the secret of life, the source of all creation theory with only worthy beings.

I will going to “translate” ancient knowledge wisdom from the 2 most famous well-known beings teaching Laozi and Gautama Buddha to the modern today languages (English or Chinese Vietnamese upon request) with all kind of other neutral understanding tools such as technology, number, practices, actions.

Here is the book Tao Te Ching by Laozi and top 20-30 quotes of Gautama Buddha.
They are great because they was describe how the life the Universe running/operating but too deep meaning, too much decode encrypt message.
Most people today do not fully understand because that was written in ancient world, not modern world.
And the only way for people to understand it is have the one being who really fully understand it and live in this civilization to help them “translate” it.
As I have said many times I the true savior that why I able to decode, translate any kind of ancient knowledge.

I am not going to waste time anymore but I am not going to share it for free to all because that is not the duty of me or any beings.

I will only share the sacred knowledge wisdom with beings/groups/entities who meet my requirements:
- Minimum Donation: 80,000 USD via cryptocurrencies.
- Using: For group of maximum 10 people/beings such as family, team, clan, top national government.
- Not allow to share/sell/reveal it with any other beings/entities under any circumstance.
* If you want to use for more than 10 people, then you must make another donation before the deadline.

So this is more for groups/teams using than one beings because those sacred knowledge is the greatest knowledge for managing people at the top government.

This last special offer have the deadline till 30-06-2021 June 30th 2021 (about 15 days from now).
After this deadline, I am not going to offer anything like this both including online and offline world at any price for wealth, money, gemstone are worthless to me.
It is more than a gift from me at the moment than any kind of commercial.

For those who are laughing at me then I will tell you that if this offer would appear on any black market in material art world, it would easily cost trillions dollars !!!

For any request, communication you can contact me at:
Email: .
Chat: username thesaviorjoy at matrix .

Social media: .

You probably will instantly become immortal beings after receive this divine knowledge wisdom.
Joke or not, real or not, it is totally up to you.

This is the first and last chance for all kind of beings to increase your true power of life.

But the offer time is short, so you better have some quick discussion with your family, your team, your clan, your government, groups quick before it too late.

From July 1st 2021, I am going to disappear from the internet and your world and not going to use the name the savior Messiah Buddha or anything like that anymore !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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Re:The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

Date Posted:14-06-2021 10:56:32Copy HTML

For those who are interested in this offer, I will reveal that the content materials I will share contain at least 80,000 words. It primary will explain more of what teaching Laozi and Gautama Buddha was trying to say/teach, but will contain various neutral tools to help people to understand it more easier such as number, technology, actions, etc. The reason is because those teachings has the most related link with how the eternal life, how the universe work, more importantly it is about the source of life, the mystery void. Upon donator request, I can explain any kind of other teaching/books you want to know/understand more. I remind this offer is primary for family/team/clan/group using (maximum 10 people/beings). It will be either in English or Chinese Vietnamese (upon the request of donator). You can send the donation to my wallet address at this web link: If you want other new private cryptocurrency wallet, you can ask contact me. If you have any other questions or request, you can contact me via one of these communication method below: Email: . Chat: username thesaviorjoy at matrix . Social media: . I am very serious, so after the deadline June 30th 2021, all the offer is off the table and I will also disconnect with you guys in the internet too. How rare you see this kind of offer on the internet? Probably this is your first time for sure ! So please be wisely be quickly ! I can only give you guys opportunity, the final choice is always yours. Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

Date Posted:15-06-2021 03:12:51Copy HTML

I am not going to share this sacred knowledge wisdom for free, because that's not how the world operating. The "decode" version you can read free on various books most written in ancient languages which hard to understand with today people, but my version is directly information written in modern language today, very easy to understand.

Many groups/organizations have spent a lot of wealth try to understand how life work without success. They can continue waste their time and speculate testing various stupid stuffs but will never get success for sure ! Their best chance is this special offer !

My requirement is too easy for all of them and for most secret societies, basically too "cheap" for all beings.

It is more like a gift whether you believe it or not !

Wealth can "gain" but opportunity cannot be gained, especially this special offer will only appear once in many million years time !

Believe me, even though super deities and famous beings in religions, temples, etc. do not know this secret of life !

Only me the true savior Messiah Buddha know !

After the deadline June 30th 2021, this offer is off the table and I also disappear/disconnect with you guys world.
And you can continue live like a slave and must find your own way out of the darkness.
You and me only share a familiar Earth planet, you can jump to any timeline with time travel machine but the ultimate final question to all is do you know the secret of life, to you understand the source of all creation, do you obtain the Nirvana state ?!

Best Regard,

The Savior

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Re:The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

Date Posted:15-06-2021 02:23:49Copy HTML

People do a lot of evil and stupid actions such as "killing, censorship, ritual" or "have sex, eating foods, blaming", etc. and whatever kind of ideology, plan, etc. It is all lead to one source and one purpose. It is all lead to the SILENT. If there is no people around you, no any talk to you, or "merge" when having sex with others. Is that true or false? It is all about silent, for void, then the question is then for what? For self study, self thought, to understand who you are, to know to feel what is source of all life, all of creations. Many groups, secret societies and nations will going to disappear and vanish once I shut down the internet and got disconnect with your vision world. This best offer like a special gift open for all groups all kind of people/beings including super deities, religion gods to normal mortal human beings. I do not care what you did in the past, only the present moment is worth to consider ! Only 15 days left ! Open your mouth, open your mind, speak up and willing to "gambling" with this "blind" offer. Big talk like mine is not easy. This is the first and last chance for all entities/beings from me the real Savior Messiah Buddha. Only me can show you the way, only me can give you correct theory of how life work, so explain to you what is exactly the "mystery void" the black hole of the Universe, the source of all creations ! Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

Date Posted:20-06-2021 08:10:32Copy HTML

I remind all of you who are luck to able to read this article is that the deadline is gone soon.
This is your best chance to understand what is the true meaning of life, what is the source of all creation.

Even with today technology and the will power, the highest level you can obtain is at the similar level with those religions super beings gods.
Even your boss, your groups, your teams you guys are following do not know the secret of life.

You cannot obtain the Nirvana State by "remember" messages, information, books like in school, including using any of technology.

The ultimate knowledge wisdom of life is unique road way between you and the "way of life".
Only the one who know that secret can give you useful hinge, information you are looking for.

That's why many ancient prophecies said something like "only the one who believe in him can have the eternal life".

I am nearly done the mission and have nothing more to regret with this opening offer to all of you.

Whether you can take this one in million lifetime opportunity or not, it is totally up to you.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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Re:The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

Date Posted:23-06-2021 05:40:07Copy HTML

What I could do to help you guys fully understand the ancient teaching and purpose of life, the source of creation is using, collecting real event information from other dimensional and novel worlds, but using today languages with more words for people easier to "absorb", to understand it. The reason I post this offer online is because I want people from all around the world have a fair opportunity. I am not going to do it in offline world, because I am fair to all, all are equal in front of me. Just like there are only 2 kind of beings on the Universe: the one who know the source of life and the one who do not know. All other metrics most other beings was and are using such as super abilities, powers, energy, wealth are absolutely worthless in front of me ! There are only 7 days left, I doubt any beings will take this divine offer and opportunity so I will share and advice people who are lucky to read this message, there are few ancient books (already converted to movies) you should read/watch: - The Investiture of the Gods or The Creation of the Gods . - Journey to the West . But you must analyze and use your brain in order to understand the hidden message. Regard, The Savior
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Re:The Savior Last Gift: Will Reveal The Secret Of Life, The Source Of All Creation With Worthy Beings

Date Posted:28-06-2021 10:55:36Copy HTML

If you want to know and understand what is the difference between "Nirvana State" vs the rest, then the most clear example I can give you is a being know a secret search engine address of eternal life vs the beings only try to "remember" information. No matter what you are going to "remember/study", it will never enough. But if you able to obtain the "Nirvana State", fully know how to "look up" any kind of needed information in the secret search engine of life, then you are perfect and it enough for life. Even if you gain super power super abilities, able to travel/jump to other dimensional or go back to your childhood via time travel machine, you will never able to meet this opportunity again. 1 Seed can only become 1 Tree, it cannot become 2 because that is the way of life. Just like this civilization for last many thousands years, there can be only one savior Messiah Buddha, there cannot be two. There is only 1 summit on the mountain, you cannot have two the summit. If you cannot able to "find" the tree or the summit, you will never ever able to "learn/replicate". After I activate super power and hidden abilities, some of you including super gods may know my true identity/location, but you guys will never able to receive this offer ever again. Because I won't need your wealth your money anymore since I just need to ask natural wealth gods to give me gold for unlimited free amount ! So you guys have few days left to decide whether to "trust" this blind offer or not, here including not just mortal human group but also all other deities/super beings as well. Regard, The Savior Messiah Buddha
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