Make Donation To Receive Godlike Knowledge Wisdom About Life, Human Ascension Evolution
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Date Posted:08-01-2021 05:17:50Copy HTML

The Savior Is Offering A Godlike Nirvana Full Ascension Guide For Donation

Life is all about ascension, evolution.
After you make a lot of money, if you cannot live to 500 years or more, then you are wasting your time and in the wrong direction of life.

If you go online and do some research about ascension, human evolution and spirituality subject, you will see a lot articles, opinions.
What is real, what is fake?
What is true, what is false?
What you need, what you don’t need?

It is nice to try everything, but if you cannot control yourself then you will ultimately go dead road and will never able to return.

Out of endless articles on the internet, have you ever ask some question about the “author” of their identity and their level ?

If you want the “right” guidance on the ascension/human evolution road, you need to listen to any beings who have claimed “already reach archive Nirvana state”, for it will always give you better chance to success than the rest.

Most if not all the free stuffs on the internet are just for fun, the true correct ascension guidance will never ever being posted/shared online for free, for it is going against the creator rule.

I am already fully archive the Nirvana state, I am the best possible online entity can help any of you to reach the Nirvana state and unlock your human body and live like God.

So today I will provide you a godlike special human ascension/evolution programs, in exchange for “fair” amount of donation:
There are 3 basic programs:
1. Single Question About Human Evolution/Ascension/Spirituality
You just need make any amount of donation.

2. Portion Ascension
You need make amount of donation worth minimum 20% of your total asset (everything you have except your house).

3. Full Nirvana Ascension
You need make amount of donation worth minimum 80% of your total asset.

So what you will get, receive?
Depend on the programs:
– The first basic question you will receive the basic answer for your question.
– The portion ascension you will receive the detail plan to help you live to at least 900 years.

– The full nirvana ascension program is everything in the tank, answer all kind of questions to the deepest level, help you navigate your own situation to able to reach the Nirvana state, able to live to ten thousand of years of more.

All the programs do not require any expensive material such as crystal, gemstone or something like that. I will teach and help you guys with only words/knowledge/wisdom, you only need to test/change your daily life style and then improve your level.

You can find the communication contact and donation wallet address at website or

This special human evolution/ascension program will be closed at any moment without notice, but all the “clients/donator” will still receive their help after that.

The only requirement is that you must be organic human, be a honest person, no middle man, you must make direct contact communication with me.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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Re:The Savior Is Offering A Godlike Nirvana Full Ascension Guide For Donation

Date Posted:19-01-2021 10:00:39Copy HTML

This special offer which only exist one in many millions years will be off within the next 40-50 days or so. I highly recommend all beings who have read this article to spend your resources and time for this offer. Wealth, money can earn everyday but this full human nirvana ascension guide opportunity cannot be earned in real life ! You are super lucky to even read this offer. When the time come, I will close this offer forever and will never make any offer around human ascension/evolution anymore. Everybody have their own background, the smart people will trade their "cold snow" for the "hot sunny", the stupid people will build air conditioning and everything. Life is an trade off between people, if you cannot do your own you must "trade", there is no such thing as "shame or fear". In my ascension journey, I have lost a lot of wealth to archive this eternal human nirvana state. So be open mind and take this opportunity, my helping windows for all is closing. Best Regard, The Savior
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