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Date Posted:17-01-2021 03:47:03Copy HTML

The Savior Godlike Solution For The Global Economy Trade War: Domestic & International Money

This special godlike solution is belong to me the Savior Messiah Buddha. You need my special permission in order to using it.

The current global financial system is outdated and has many flaws, so certain groups/nations are taking huge advantage and has absolutely no moral.
This is the time to summary and giving out working solution for all.

What is the major flaws/weakness of the current global financial system?
- A small group of people controlling the rate via some secret rules such as Gold, spiritual/sport battles, etc.
- The real amount of money has been printed is kept in secret, not in the public.
- A single policy from any major central bank can easily change the market.
- It is international money system but nations can easily printed money without veto/agreement.
Etc, the list is endless.

So what is the perfect working solution can satisfy all?
My answer is that: just copy the bank card system where you have domestic and international version.

A Great Fair Example:
Domestic Currencies: In-Nation Chinese Yuan, Domestic US Dollar, Only In Russia Rub.
- Only have value in that nations, unless there is some agreement between nations.
- The local national government is in complete control and allow to print endless money with whatever design/logo.

International Currencies: Global Chinese Yuan, Sky US Dollar, Borderless Russia Rub.
- A fair international group with people from all nations is control.
- Only allow use to buy/sell/trade foreign physical products between nations.
- Issue money to the people in the most fair equal way/chance.
- Total amount of money printed and in circulation will be published worldwide.
- The exchange rate between this international currencies will 100% based on real supply and demand rule, not allow to “stock, storage”.

What about the exchange rate between domestic and international currencies?
It is up to each national government to decide. They can let free market or have any policies they think is “good” for the society including fixed exchange, limited amount of exchange per person, etc.

GDP, Job number can be fake.
The media information can be manipulated.
The online internet goods services can be cheated/cloaked.

The only thing cannot be fake/deceived is real physical products !
And between nations it is must be export foreign products !

That is best most fair solution for all.
You can still allowed to “print” endless money and have any policy you think is good for your country but only within your nation. If the North Korea/Cuba can survive, so as the rest !

But once it come to international products/trade, everything must be fair and equal between not just nations but also people as well.
And the only way to separate is by having domestic & international currencies.

That is the only way only solution to end this stupid global trade war between nations.
Since I am not get paid to write/design the whole system so I can only share basic solution like above.

If any groups/entities want to speak/discuss more about this topic, then you can find my communication information at or

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha

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