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Date Posted:31-03-2021 02:05:27Copy HTML

The Root Problem Of Life Chaos, Suffering Is Because People Do Not Fully Understand, Control Environment Inside & Outside The Human Body

The root problem of people suffering, chaos in life is because people do not fully understand correct and able to control the “environment” both inside and outside the human body.

The “prove” of environment inside the human body is people get “old”, and “dead”.
While the “prove” of environment outside is what most of you are seeing in daily life, which is global chaos, fighting between various groups.

What most people and various big groups are trying is do changing the environment outside, which is not the correct choice, because the bigger problem is the “environment inside” each human body.

A good sport team is a team with a lot of “good” people, but if just only few “bad” players, then that is not a good team.

A healthy tree is a tree must have “good” root (under the earth surface). If that tree has a “bad” root, then no matter what you are trying to change the look above the surface, that problem is always there.

A similar comparison with a book with good cover and bad content is always a bad book.

You cannot change the house/building if you do not “upgrade” the pipe (under the earth surface).

You can ask yourself and think about it.
Have any “leaders”, decision makers fully understand and master their human body?
No !
But most of you are following those people.

When top people and law makers are not understand the “life” under the Earth surface, then do not expect them can make the “correct” decision about life above the Earth surface.

That is why you see a lot of international chaos activities.

The last advice I can give you guys before going offline is study, understand and master your human body (the environment inside) first, then go study the outside environment.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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