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Date Posted:07-04-2021 09:24:36Copy HTML

The Purpose, 3 Phases Of Cryptocurrency Coin In The System
There are 3 phases of the online cryptocurrency:
Phase 1: Beginning, Introduction. (Last several years to now)
Phase 2: Using Wildly. (Soon)
Phase 3: Regulation & Merge With Stocks. (After phase 2)
The phase 1 is last several years till now, and it is going to end soon.
The phase 2 will begin very soon when big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, etc. begin to sell software products and accept the most advanced technology cryptocurrency coin the Digibyte DGB.
This phase/period will last till the transaction fee reach a very high amount (such as double digit or when people complaining)
Phase 3 will be right after, some government will regulation it, some won’t. But a main feature of this phase is big public technology companies will issues their own currency for both the stock and direct sell to the public 24/7. Only tech companies while the other industry companies still use the normal stock trading market.
I don’t really care about those software cryptocurrency, but if you ask what is the main purpose of it, then above is one of them.
Another purpose is giving people good feeling of having a big amount of wealth in asset.
At the of the day, those stupid controllers want to control the people and not allow cryptocurrency, while some less stupid controllers want people to use cryptocurrency as wild as possible.
What is good what is not good ?
It is such a waste of time to analyze and gain absolutely nothing !
Best Regard,
The Savior
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