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Date Posted:02-07-2020 01:27:04Copy HTML

The Prophecy 70 Years Babylon System Has Ended, The Exiles & Elders Still Not Try To Seek The Messiah

The mark 70 years of Korean War had ended, the modern Babylon North Korea.
Where are those exiles, elders, ancient families? Still hiding.
They do not seek the Messiah with heart but just through only hope, like “I do not want to work but I want to have money like hard working people”.

It is very easy to defeat and destroy all the current corrupt national governments.
All you need is a big perfect announcement about the future plan of the world economic &financial system and have direct link with “corruption” and “inflation rate”, and let the people in each nation decide.

I have given you guys just only 50% of that perfect system, the last50% will never revealed public online freely, for it can only revealed in the public in that big announcement if the will of the people strong enough.

I have given you guys a perfect solution for the internal national war about land &territory.

It is such a waste of time to fight with the stupid people.

I am giving both the East and the West equal chance to become the announcer of that great world evolution,which team which entities make first online contact with strong will,will most likely receive and have their own revolution. All the qualified governments must either flow the orders or got overthrowed by their people.

That powerful world evolution plan is too strong, you do not need to implement anything yet, you just need to make a big announcement and everything will come in to the right order.

And that is also the only way for the Israel people to have their country back. You must show your will.

The more time pass the more natural catastrophe will come. There is no such thing as impossible in Gods language, especially in term of destroy any kind of man made buildings like dams, houses, etc.

Will there any competition about world economic & financial future plan?
Probably not, because those in charge of most governments on the same bed and they want from stupid bad people team just like the current fake corona virus.

If the corona virus was real, they would seek me to get the cure for the public already.

I am making this post to remind those exiles, elders that you must show strong will to find the Messiah through any kind of competition about solution to solve the world conflict.

Silence only show you guys do not know anything about the endless matrix world.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha Whatever-Name

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