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Date Posted:04-03-2021 04:24:14Copy HTML

The Only Working Way To Insert Digital Coins & Cryptocurrencies Into The Current Money System

The battle around digital money/coin between various is keep going on.
Each group have their own ideology but both want to win rather than a better for all draw.

The only working way to safe “insert” the digital coins & cryptocurrencies is here:
- Have two type of digital coins/cryptocurrencies: 1 is owned 100% by each separated technology company, and 2 is owned by big community.
- Only companies with technology product and services are allowed to print their own coin.
- Each company will must pay their employees with both their own company coin and current fiat paper money issued by the government. The ratio depend on each company but around 50% each.
- And then those coins will be sold into the big market for the people.
- The technology company must have option to accept their own coin beside the current fiat money option.
- The total number of digital coins and how it will printed must be public and transparent. After certain year, that number must be fixed at certain period.

That will be the circle of digital coin/cryptocurrencies.
You cannot let the whole market and all company using only 1 type of coin, it is too easy to “cheat”, “manipulated”.
When you have each separate company’s digital coins, it will be much easier to track, to take down if necessary. The only problem is that is “less convenient” but the positive effect is enormous.

That how to global currency reset will occur at safe pace.
I don’t see any other way better than that to solve the current financial conflict between various group.

I do not get paid so I can only give you brief information/solution.

No matter what you guys are trying to “kill” the people, no any super beings care about that, at the end of the day the problem is always lack of knowledge and wisdom. But you guys are too stupid to admit that.

Super volcano and mega natural disaster will come to wake up the people.

You better wake up and save yourself instead of reply on other groups/entities/beings, only you can save you !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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