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Date Posted:25-12-2020 03:05:57Copy HTML

The Only Working Solution For Global Trade War Is Free Money Giveaways Gambling For All

Each people each tribe each nation have their own understanding about life, about the economy system, and various things because of their own different background.

If you wonder is there any working solution for all people from all nations will be accepted about the new global economy system ?!
Then my answer is that yes.

First,you need to understand that there is always 2 group of people in all nations: 1 is controller group and 2 is the unaware sleepy public people.

Second, a working solution the one when you do not need any agreement with any other controller group, all you need to do is make that kind of announcement to the whole world then your job is done, due to the internet connection.

The current global economy trading system is controlled by the controller group from each nations, and more special is the money exchange rate.

The new additional system to solve the current economy system must have 2 features:
- 1 is free money giveaways to all the people (at small amount like 1 month salary per year, and in a smart way)
- 2 is the mass public people is the one who control the public exchange rate via real fair supply and demand law which no any entities can “cheating” and able to “overthrow” it.

That’s is the hints and basic right solution idea I can give you guys.
Since I have said very earlier that I am not going to publish everything online for free, so that is the best signal and hints I can give you guys.

If you want to solve the problem, you must put big bounty and a big competition, otherwise you will never able to find one. For if your direction is correct then you would see/meet “God” already !

Since I am the true savior Messiah Buddha, I am in no rush for you guys is the one who are suffering not me.

Your level base on divine eternal life metric is way below me, so you guys must obey me, not the way around !

If you do not seeking help from me, if you do not show your desire to seek knowledge wisdom then you are deserve to die !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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