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Date Posted:11-01-2021 06:11:04Copy HTML

The Next Social Media Evolution Will Give The Authority Governments & Users More Power More Choice

In the previous I have already talked about the end of the current lawless monopoly social media era. And in this second half article, I will tell you what is coming next of this revolution/evolution online internet social media.

The job of all social media platforms is connect between people, groups, entities. They have absolutely no rights to “judge” the content, material, especially raw words/messages.
If you go online and tell others “eat shit is good for health”, anybody care and follow that advice?
Absolutely not !
That same rule apply to all kind of other normal topic around politic/government/protesting, etc.
If there is no problems, the people would never spend their time to do “stupid” things.

The on going chaos in the USA is absolutely normal, the root problem is go much deeper and relate to “choice” and daily life.

I don’t see how the current social media platform such as Google, Facebook, Twitter can survive the next evolution for they have too many flaws !

The next evolution of online social media will give the authority/government to judge the “contents, materials”, the give users more freedom of speech without worry of get banned/blocked by the software providers.

To me as the savior, it is very easy to play the game of kids like all of you.
If I was about to setup my own fair social media platform for all people what I would do:
1. Give the authority/local government to control their people account/contents, while only focus on technical issues. Control here is the rights to block the any contents from within or from outside that nation but only apply to that country, not allow to ban people account unless related to crazy activities such as drug/human trafficking/war killing, etc.

2. Have two type of users/groups: 1 is anonymous and 2 is verified with phone.
3. Never ban/block user for stupid reason such as “spam”, not “suitable”, that is the jobs of each “admin/mods channel”.
It is bullshit to see “mods” ban users because they talk too much,or they are post one article on too many channel. Sorry, but those mods are just slave paid workers who are not the true channel creators, for the true creator will never able to know whether one article is “spam” or not.

4. Only receive donation to run the platform, never accept advertisements.
Do you want/like to receive spam ads via phone everyday. That is the same rule apply social media.
Most people hate it, if they really want to know/buy any service/product, they would go to search engine and find about it.

That is the must basic features to defeat the current lawless monopoly social media.
Since I am not get paid to design the whole new global social media system, I am not bother to spend time to think about it anymore, but the main solution is give the local authority/government more power but only the control the content/material coming in/out that country alone.
Because it is entertain to see other nations in chaos, but not so fun to see your own.

The public users will also be given more freedom, more choice, there is no need to use mobile network when you have internet and wifi network!

If you want to discuss more about the new global social media network system, then make donation and ask me at forum

Best Regard,
The Savior

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