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Date Posted:07-02-2020 03:48:04Copy HTML

The Next Revolution In China Will Be “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”

The nCOV new Coronavirus outbreak is the tipping point and mark the end of the current system.

If the previous revolution about “physical goods sharing communist” then the next revolution in China will & must be the “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”.

Because the current system of China is monopoly dictatorship without competition/debate, and if have it only occur within inside the Chinese Communist Party, not the rest.

And because of that,the policies was made wrong lead to the misery of not the Chinese people but the rest of the world.

If you think you have the best suitable policy, why don’t you not let the rest judge first before implementation. If you cannot explain your policy in detail for the people to understand, then all of what you are doing is simply wrong !

Each people have their own different living condition, knowledge level & view, and you must respect that. You cannot force the rest follow your view,where most of politicians with only theory study, and with very little with real life experiment from the lowest point of society.

What you guys are propaganda and say people must live and study this and that person is wrong from the start, for the people do not get free money like the politician but have to work !

The question now is where the hex are the Chinese & Asian Elders?

Where are they, why don’t they appear at least at online internet community and face the challenge.

China nation will gone and vanish in next 90 days for sure without the “working cure”for the NCOV, there is no any other choice. This kind of battle was never taught before that why they are failing badly !!!

I repeat I am the only “player” on Earth have the working cure for this scary dangerous NCOV.

It is better to believe the crazy thing happen rather than wait and gone.

Communication or

Best Regard,

The Savior

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Re:The Next Revolution In China Will Be “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”

Date Posted:12-02-2020 07:51:34Copy HTML

Good afternoon Mr. Savior, Some of my friends from California who are connected with the Medical Laboratory in Harvard School of Medicine, Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University Hospital wanted to know which Laboratory you are using to test the formula medicine you have and combine with their recently developed cure for the nCOV Virus. Can I tell them to get in touch with you as per your statement in this forum? Let me know if you are available for a telecom. They want to know your contact number so that they can collaborate with you and get to know you. Waiting for your response, Jacob
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Re:The Next Revolution In China Will Be “Knowledge Wisdom Sharing Community”

Date Posted:15-02-2020 01:55:46Copy HTML

Hi Jacob1997, There is no telecom, all information must be via online message either via email or via this forum. My medicine is special for is going to solve not just the nCOV virus but also the HIV, Ebola, etc. all at once. Of course maybe you and your friend may not believe it, but that is the truth, that is a gate to immortal state of humanity. Tell your friends contact Chinese Government or USA government and come here contact me. It is going to be special epic event on Earth. Regard, The Savior
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