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Date Posted:01-02-2021 06:59:24Copy HTML

The Next Evolution Of Smartphone Tablet Will Allow Users To Choose Any Software Operating System They Like

Everything has it own circle of being and end.
The current smart phone, tablet and software devices are showing a lot of errors, loophole.
The battle about digital technology between nations will end with the next evolution of both hardware and software.

Most current PC, Laptop allow users to choose install any operating system (OS) they want, but what about smartphone, tablet?
Users cannot choose, they are forced to use the OS software of the sellers, not only that certain old device (only about 5 years old) not get their support update anymore, which is crazy stupid.

So there must be a evolution about digital hardware device and softwares in this civilization very soon.

The hardware device can be produced by any companies in any nations but it must allow users to choose the software they want to install in at will.

There will be 3 category of software:
- Open Source.
- Closed Source.
- Mix open close source, where open source offline (allow any entity verify the code in real life location) and close source online.

And from that, you will have many other kind of evolution about digital money/currency/cryptocurrencies and in real life physical goods and stuffs as well.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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