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Date Posted:14-09-2020 01:44:25Copy HTML

The Next Evolution Of Fuel Energy, Raw Materials Is Natural Fusion

The electric from the lighting, the sky is not as the same as the electric made with metals by humans.

Many renewable energy methods such as solar, wind, electric is not the future, is not the way to go.
It looks “clean, great”, but do you know the negative effect of that is hash natural catastrophe disaster such as typhoon, earthquake, fire storm, volcano eruption?!
If it was done for studying, for few cities then it would be ok, but if was used for all nations then the only answer is they are the humanity suicide actions !

The next evolution of humanity must be natural fusion.
It is going to cause a lot surprise effect in many industries such as fuel, energy, building, clothing, etc.

Just look at an small example in building where the hempcrete can easily replace the toxic concrete.
That is the true future green energy.

If you ask can oil, gas,petrol, electric can be replaced ?
The my answer is yes.

What humanity is not yet found and believe because they have not yet have real life experiment and testing. All what they are doing is spending resources for the group call as “scientist” and test in small lab house.

The magic of life appear in real nature.
I am not talking about some things like using gemstones, crystals.
What I am talking is using natural fusion method.

In the fuel energy industry, they are just in the first stage where people only using it without thinking about it, that why you got the CO2 emission too much or even worse is weapon land war between nations.

With the “right correct” formula with coal, oil, gas, petrol:
- You can easily reduce the CO2 emission to nearly 0.
- You can get more energy, more burning time out of that raw material.

I am not dreaming, I only telling you the truth of life, the secret magic of life.
It is all about fusion between millions raw ingredients, materials.

But they are very tough and hard industry because you have zillions combinations and you must choose the “right” one with your purpose. This one cannot be taught and it is involve more with personal feeling, life experiences and spirituality.

I am not going to dig deeper about this subject because that is for the future and I have no reason to share everything to you guys.

Knowledge is power, only wrong knowledge is sharing online for free.
We are living in the same neutral earth world to exchange ideas, to self study but not have duty to share everything you understand with the rest.

The default life final result of you is dead in the future, you must change that destiny by your own.
The one with true desire and will power will know what they should do in order to find the right direction out of the endless matrix of life.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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