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Date Posted:20-06-2020 02:28:48Copy HTML

The New Global Financial System Rules Must Based On Self Responsibility, Free Choice & Lawless

There are a lot of people with a lot of ideas about the new financial system from few hundreds to few thousands. Every nations, every tribes want some kind of advantage for their group.
So it is just waste of time to negotiate for you cannot and never able to have a deal satisfy all.

And you cannot continue current corrupt, out-dated financial system any longer for it like the modern slave and not good all all sides.

The only working solution for all is to have a new global financial economic system based on self responsibility, free choice and lawless. So which mean every nations have the rights to restrict any kind of currency, goods from out side at any moment for whatever reason including just to reduce the inflation rates, stable life, etc.

The best suitable structure is to have many different groups with different rules so each national government can decide to choose, join and see whether it was the correct policy for their nation for not. For all kind of theory policy is just some words, you can only tell whether it was right or wrong only after see it in real life.

So the currency rate between those groups will be decide by the public though direct buy/sell.

Group 1: Currency rate based on inflation rates of staple foods(vegetarian), no minimum wage in at least 50% of land area in each nation.

Group 2: Currency rate based on inflation rate of a burger (including meat) at fast food chain, minimum wage equal the smallest money note = 1 dollar per hour in at least 20% of land area.

Group 3: Currency rate based on the inflation rate via current rule or via a new public investigation corporation. Minimum wage rule keep as the same

Group 4: Currency rate decided by the government and central bank.

Group 5: Currency with asset backed like gold, silver, which mean you can exchange the currency notes for gold/silver in certain location.

The list is various and it depends on each ideology of each nation.

The beauty of this system is that you just need 2 groups to established to defeat to current IMF system.

Real life example:
- Group 1: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
- Group 2: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.

You can made up reasons to setup new system like immigration crisis, protester, border war, etc.

All the remaining nations must to follow and choose their own group or will lose the trade because it it very easy to cheat the system for there is no currency rate link between each group.

Overall, the new financial system is lawless and free choice for all. And that is the only satisfy answer for all groups, for each entities have their own level of knowledge, understanding, and thinking.

If you guys want to use this strategy and solution, you must get the permission the Savior legend at first, any entities use it without my approved will only receive disaster by divine angels.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Buddha Whatever-Name

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