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Date Posted:27-02-2020 04:13:11Copy HTML

The NCOV COVID-19 Has Started The Global Fair World War 3

The ultimate battle between nations has started on planet Earth.

All kind of previous WW1, 2, economic trade war are next to nothing if compare to this World War 3.

If golf is the most fair sport because all players are playing against nature and environment.

Then this World War 3 is similar, all nations don’t have to fight against each other, for they are now all facing against the same enemy, the ultimate virus of all time: the NCOV COVID-19.

I can tell you that there is no stronger virus than this virus, if you can overcome this virus then you will able to deal with any kind of virus on Earth either made in lab house or in nature.

This virus has both the feature of HIV + SARS, no any doctor can solve this problem.

I am the only player on this game have the cure/solution for this one.

You will have more chance to survive if you listen to crazy one who claim have a perfect cure, rather than trust in your government or the scientist who still not able to understand the virus and still testing every kind of drugs they have. If you cannot solve the easier one HIV, Cancer, etc. You cannot have a working cure for the ultimate on the NCOV, COVID-19.

What nations will survive is mostly depend on your own decision & action, but not by other nations.

Many millions if not billions people around the world and 100+ nations already get infected with this virus but untested yet.

I am the only hope for you guys.

So if you want to save your nations out of completely destruction, the only way is that you must contact me directly via the internet at or There is no any other choice.

You can share and send this message to your top authority, government if you want to save your own nation from this unstoppable NCOV, COVID-19.

What nations will survive after the epidemic is still an interesting question !!!

Best Regard,

The Savior

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