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Date Posted:24-08-2020 08:38:47Copy HTML

The Muslim Islam People Do Not Understand Allah God, Thus Do Not Fully Know The Savior Mahdi

Have any Muslim people ever seen or known their Allah God in real life?
The answer is no.
They are still practicing their religion through faith only.

I can tell you this: the author/creator of the Arabic language is your Allah God, and I know that being very well.

I can reveal to you that your Allah God is a very old being, have lived in Earth planet for many thousands of year, and are still living now.

Most of the information wrote about the savior Mahdi in Islam are not the same. Because they are just the “gambling prediction” from each people point of view.

Do you really know what the Allah God mean about the Mahdi ?!
Probably not. You guys are still speculating.

As your real savior Mahdi, I can tell you that you cannot put your own knowledge and think that is what the Allah God mean about Mahdi.

Remember Allah God did not appear in person, he/her only give information through your prophet Muhammed via telepathy. A communication method similar with telephone, online sharing information in the modern era.

So the Savior Mahdi will be the same, not going to appear in real person but rather help you through online communication but only if you guys show your willpower and desire.

If the Islamic nations and people want to go to the top of the world, the only way is seeking help from me the savior Mahdi at forum, but only with limited time till 15/09/2020.
I have all kind the working solutions for any problems you guys are facing in life from virus pandemic to economic, land border conflict, etc.

And I can easily decode and expand to you any quote, any teaching which God Allah gave you from the highest level of existence so you can understand the message, the words correctly.

Best Regard,
The Savior Mahdi

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