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Date Posted:07-05-2020 08:57:33Copy HTML

The Main Problem Of Most People Is Lack Of Paper Money But The Real Problem Of Humanity Is Lack Of Freedom Mindset

Rich or poor, if you cannot find the immortal life road way, then all of mortal humans are the same !
Stop talking about philosophy for they are not the same on all personal case.
The rich money people tell the poor money people you must live good, you must not commit crime, etc. What a bunch of stupid words from stupid beings!

I do not see people die because lack of blood, I only see people die directly or indirectly because of the lack for paper money !

Almost all mortal people on Earth are chasing for useless paper money, the true is that they are chasing for the “feeling of safe” rather than actual paper money.

The root problem of humanity is lack of freedom mindset.
But first they must have a correct answer for the problem name “paper money”.
If you ask people what they would do after having 1 million money, they would answer: when that happen they will give the answer, but now chasing for money first.

And the solution is very easy which is print a lot of money in a smart way and distribute is in a divine way.

You cannot print direct national fiat money for it cause inflation.
But you can create new tier money, new money system for certain things while still keep the current system going.

What could are they?
- It could be a continent/region paper money back by gold/silver where they can exchange back to gold/silver anytime at certain location.
- It could be a global national export paper money back by the people.

Then set some restriction for using like must exchange to local national fiat first, not allowed to buy goods/services with both new type of money, except for some case like: buying national resources oil, gas with gold/silver. Or using global export paper money for global travel passport, reward for international sports events, buying foreign organic foods with 100% human works, etc.

If you give free global people money with a requirement do not commit crime, then the criminal rate in that nation will down 90% at least. And it is much better than “scare” tactic or “talk, philosophy” or any method you guys are trying in the media.

In conclusion, if you want have a better life better civilization you must to free the people mindset.
But in order to do that you must have to solve the illusion paper money problem.
And the only way to do that is print a lot of money and distribute it in a very smart way.
And most of geopolitical conflict around financial system will disappeared if you can do that.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Christ Saoshyant Whatever-Name

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